Whistler Disc Golf Feasibility Study

The Whistler Disc Golf Feasibility Study intends to develop a master guidance plan for rejuvenation and possible expansion of the Lost Lake Disc Golf Course, as well as identify and provide a schematic plan for a possible future second tournament-level course in Whistler.

This work is necessary in response to safety, overuse, trespass, unauthorized activities, and environmental concerns at the existing Lost Lake Disc Golf Course.


One of Whistler’s major attractions are its outdoor recreational activities, which serve both locals and guests while highlighting the scenic qualities that make the resort unique.

Whistler’s Lost Lake disc golf course has proven to be a popular and free recreation amenity in our community. It consists of 27 holes offering multiple levels of difficulty from wooded to open fairways and a wide range of topography from mellow slopes to steep elevations.

Over the decades the course and play style has evolved, use has increased, and adjacent mountain bike trails have introduced safety challenges. This, along with understanding that disc golf is considered one of the fastest-growing sports in North America, has offered an opportunity to rework how disc golf is accessed and played in Whistler.

Additionally, this project explores options for a potential new disc golf course within Whistler’s municipal boundaries. This additional course could offer a more advanced level of play than the Lost Lake course.

The outcomes of this project will inform future planning and capital budget decisions.


The Resort Municipality of Whistler has retained INDesign Disc Golf Inc. along with Dialog Consulting and Cascade Environmental Resource Group Ltd.

Scope of Work

This project seeks to deliver a comprehensive rejuvenation plan to:

  • Identify and prioritize significant Lost Lake course rejuvenation.
  • Identify a preferred potential second course location.
  • Develop a preliminary second course schematic design with ancillary support facilities, a roadmap to realization, and a cost estimate for future budget planning purposes.
  • Develop a municipal/club operating model and agreement to help manage use.


First Nations, stakeholders, and public engagement are part of this project.

  • The Whistler Disc Golf Association is the primary user stakeholder.
  • Relevant Committees of Council will be engaged as the project advances.
  • Public engagement will occur at key milestones. Engagement opportunities will be announced in the Pique Newsmagazine and the weekly Whistler Today municipal e-newsletter.


The Whistler Disc Golf Feasibility Study is a Municipal & Regional District Tax Program (MRDT) funded project.

More information on MRDT funding can be found here.



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