Ice fishing

When the temperatures lower and the lakes freeze, ice fishing becomes an attractive option for many enthusiastic anglers who want to continue their sport during the winter months.

Here is what you need to know about ice fishing in Whistler:

Ice conditions

The Resort Municipality of Whistler does not monitor ice conditions in any lake. As a result, all ice fishers, including commercial operators, will be ice fishing at their own risk.


The three popular lakes to ice fish are Nita Lake, Alpha Lake, and Lost Lake. Parking exists only at Alpha Lake.

Lost Lake

Before accessing Lost Lake Park, anglers must comply with all of the following regulations:

  • Sign a user agreement at the Ski Patrol Hut. Parents and guardians must sign for minors.
  • Either purchase a snowshoe day ticket if accessing the lake from the Lost Lake PassivHaus or pay a $6.50 plus taxes park access fee by cash or credit card at the Ski Patrol Hut.
  • Wear either snowshoes or ice cleats and use the designated snowshoe trails to access the lake.
  • Purchase a freshwater ice fishing license in compliance with B.C. fishing regulations.
  • Have a valid business licence prior to being provided the user agreement. (For commercial operators only.)

Please note there is no parking at Lost Lake or on Lost Lake Road during the winter months. The closest parking is in Pay Lot 5 or along Blackcomb Way in designated areas only.