Recreation Leisure Advisory Committee

Lakeside Park on Alta Lake

The purpose of the Recreation and Leisure Advisory Committee is to provide an objective view in the public interest and to give impartial and informed higher level advice to municipal staff and Council on matters related to the provision and delivery of indoor and outdoor recreation and leisure opportunities, services and issues, while achieving a balance between infrastructure and our unique natural environment.

Committee members

Council Representative: Councillor Ralph Forsyth

Community Members:

  • Josie Chuback, Chair
  • Andrew Ross, Member at Large
  • Bruce Goldsmid, Member at Large
  • Craig MacKenzie, Member at Large
  • Dawn Titus, Member at Large
  • Liz Scroggins, Member at Large
  • Paul Street, Member at Large

Partner Members:

  • Cynthia Higgins, Howe Sounds School District #48
  • Tory Kargl, Tourism Whistler
  • Roger Soane, Co-chair, Whistler Sports Legacies


  • Martin Pardoe, RMOW Manager Resort Parks Planning
  • Roger Weetman, RMOW Manager of Recreation
  • Olivia Carroll, RMOW Recording Secretary

Meeting schedule

Every second Thursday of every other month from 4 – 6 p.m. during winter months, and from 3 – 5 p.m. during non-winter months. 

Meeting agendas and minutes

DateAgendaMeeting Minutes
May 11, 2023PDF
March 9, 2023PDFN/A
February 9, 2023PDFPDF
December 8, 2022PDFPDF
November 17, 2022PDFPDF
October 13, 2022PDFPDF
September 8, 2022PDFPDF
July 14, 2022PDFPDF
June 9, 2022PDFPDF
March 10, 2022PDFPDF
January 13, 2022PDFPDF
November 18, 2021PDFPDF
October 14, 2021PDFPDF
September 9, 2021PDFPDF
July 8, 2021PDFPDF
June 10, 2021PDFPDF
April 8, 2021CANCELLEDN/A
March 11, 2021CANCELLEDN/A
February 11, 2021PDFPDF
January 14, 2021PDFPDF
December 10, 2020PDFPDF
November 12, 2020CANCELLEDN/A
October 15, 2020PDFPDF
July 16, 2020PDFPDF
March 12, 2020PDFPDF
February 13, 2020PDFPDF
December 12, 2019PDFPDF
November 14, 2019PDFPDF
October 10, 2019PDFPDF
September 12, 2019CANCELLEDN/A
July 18, 2019CANCELLEDN/A
June 6, 2019PDFPDF
March 14, 2019PDFPDF
February 14, 2019PDFPDF
December 13, 2018PDFPDF
November 22, 2018PDFPDF
October 18, 2018PDFPDF
September 20, 2018PDFPDF
September 20, 2018 CLOSEDPDFCLOSED
July 26, 2018PDFPDF
June 14, 2018PDFPDF
May 3, 2018PDFPDF
March 8, 2018PDFPDF
January 11, 2018PDFPDF
November 9, 2017PDFPDF
October 19, 2017PDFPDF
September 14, 2017PDFPDF
April 20, 2017PDFPDF
March 09, 2017PDFPDF
January 12, 2017PDFPDF

Recreation Leisure Advisory Committee regular meeting minutes and agendas prior to 2017 are available to the public upon request. Please contact Resort Experience.


Resort Experience

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