Transportation Advisory Group

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The Transportation Advisory Group is a Select Committee of Council and identifies transportation related issues to, from and within Whistler.

The group provides Council with advice and recommendations regarding the assessment of, planning for, and implementation of strategic options to resolve these transportation related issues affecting the resort community from a social, environmental and economic point of view .

Committee Members

Council Representatives and Voting Members:

  • Mayor Jack Crompton (Chair), Councillor Arthur De Jong, and Jen Ford

Other Voting Members:

  • Virginia Cullen, RMOW Chief Administrative Officer
  • Kate Roddick,  Whistler Blackcomb, Senior Director, Business Development & Base Area Operations
    • Jo Kirchner, Whistler Blackcomb
  • Tory Kargl, Tourism Whistler Vice President of Market Development and Sales 
  • Shane Holland, Whistler Chamber of Commerce, Director
    • Louise Walker, Executive Director, Whistler Chamber of Commerce, Board Chair (Alternate)
  • Tom DeMarco, Citizen at Large
  • Frank Savage, Citizen at Large
  • Alison Jenkins, Citizen at Large
  • Janusz Sobieniak, Citizen at Large

Non-Voting Members (staff technical expertise)

  • Rob Ringma, BC Transit, Senior Regional Transit Manager, Government Relations
    • Bronson Bullivant,  BC Transit, Senior Transit Planner (Alternate) 
  • Michael Braun, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) Operations Manager
    •  Shannon Payne, MOTI, Area Manager, Sea-to-Sky (Alternate)
  • James Hallisey, RMOW GM of Infrastructure Services
  • Dale Mikkelsen, RMOW, GM, Climate Action Planning and Development
  • Emma DalSanto, Transportation Demand Management Coordinator
  • Adina Bois, RMOW Recording Secretary

Meeting schedule

As per member schedules (approximately every quarter), via Zoom until further notice.

Meeting agendas and minutes

January 4, 2024PDF
October 23, 2023PDFPDF
June 29, 2022PDF PDF
May 17, 2022PDF PDF
November 8, 2021PDF PDF
March 15, 2021PDFPDF
October 8, 2020PDFPDF
June 03, 2020PDFPDF
March 19, 2020CANCELLED 
October 03, 2019PDFPDF
June 20, 2019PDFPDF
April 29, 2019PDF 
September 17, 2018PDFPDF
July 16, 2018PDFPDF
May 31, 2018PDFPDF
May 17, 2018 PDFPDF
March 15, 2018PDFPDF
January 8, 2018PDFPDF
October 11, 2017PDFPDF
September 9, 2017PDFPDF
June 15, 2017PDFPDF
April 4, 2017PDFPDF
February 27, 2017PDFPDF
January 5, 2017PDFPDF
November 8, 2016PDFPDF
September 22, 2016PDFPDF
July 11, 2016PDFPDF
June 9, 2016PDFPDF
March 8, 2016PDFPDF
December 8, 2015PDFPDF


Emma DalSanto
Transportation Demand Management Coordinator