Fire fuel thinning image by Mike Crane

Current Status

Wildfire fuel management will begin on a 4.9 hectare block on either side of the Kadenwood Gondola access route in Whistler’s Creekside area in the week of October 11, 2022 until mid-November or weather allows.


The second growth forest is identified at high risk of ignition and wildfire movement. The work involves the use of heavy machinery, saws and a chipper resulting in loud noise at times. The crew will be following the RMOW Noise Bylaw hours of work. The RMOW team is working with WB staff and the Kadenwood property management company to coordinate the work. Any trails affected will be closed and rehabilitated after work is complete. Please obey all signs and crew instructions for your own safety. 

Visit for more information on fuel thinning in Whistler.  

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