Whistler’s Wildfire Protection Strategy

Whistler's Wildfire Program infographic

What is the Resort Municipality of Whistler doing to prepare for wildfires? 

Community Wildfire Resiliency Plan

The Resort Municipality of Whistler developed a Community Wildfire Protection Plan in 2011 that provided a comprehensive framework for reducing wildfire risk in our valley. The recommendations were implemented such as the wildfire fuel mitigation projects and FireSmart program. In 2021, the RMOW prepared the Community Wildfire Resiliency Plan (CWRP) that takes into account what has been accomplished, what we’ve learned and identifies our path forward. It was adopted by Council in April 2022.

Watch the presentations by Dr. Lori Daniels and Bruce Blackwell, RPF, of B.A. Blackwell & Associates, from the June 30, 2021 wildfire workshop.

Whistler Community Wildfire Defence Plan

The Community Wildfire Defence Plan provides an implementation strategy for the Community Wildfire Resiliency Plan. This includes policy, emergency planning and training.

Wildfire fuel reduction

Fuel reduction -reducing the amount of highly combustible organic matter such as trees, woody debris and ground cover-  is an important component of Whistler’s wildfire protection program.

The municipality is focused on:

  • Fuel thinning projects to reduce fuels in high priority forested areas near neighbourhoods or critical municipal infrastructure.
  • Create fuel breaks along forest service roads.

Learn more about fuel thinning projects and fuel breaks.

FireSmart program

Home and property owners also have a critical role to play in reducing Whistler’s wildfire risk.

The FireSmart Program provides education and practical support to homeowners to reduce the impact of wildfires on their properties.

The RMOW’s FireSmart coordinator and Whistler Fire Rescue Service delivers:

  • Fuel reduction projects (including Adopt-a-trail, community chipper days, and FireSmart treatments on municipal properties)
  • Education and resources
  • Free FireSmart home and strata property assessments

Fire danger ratings

Whistler’s current Fire Danger Rating is updated daily by the BC Wildfire Service.

Backyard burning is not allowed in Whistler. A permit is required for all campfires in Whistler. Permits are only granted once the Fire Department has done a site visit to determine a campfire will not pose at threat to the community.

Some construction activities are restricted and campfires are banned when the rating is High or Extreme. 

Emergency preparedness

The municipality’s Emergency Program works with other local first response agencies to develop and implement plans to prepare for, respond to and recover from large-scale emergencies, including wildfires.

Prepare for wildfires

Wildfire exercises

The RMOW Emergency Program and Whistler Fire Rescue Service lead and participate in regular training exercises along with community partners and other agencies to test systems, improve communication and build capacity for responding to emergencies such as wildfires.