Riverside Cheakamus Crossing wildfire fuel thinning

Current Status

Fuel thinning in the Riverside (Cheakamus Crossing) treatment unit was delayed in 2022 but is now scheduled to commence in mid-April 2023 and will take approximately two months to complete. The project may be interrupted if there is a high or extreme wildfire risk.


The treatment units are a series of smaller blocks adjacent to the existing Cheakamus Crossing neighbourhood and the areas under development (see map below). The second growth forest is identified at high risk of ignition and wildfire movement. The work involves the use of heavy machinery, saws and a chipper resulting in loud noise at times. The crew will be following the RMOW Noise Bylaw hours of work. Trails affected by the work will be closed and rehabilitated after work is complete. 

During that time, the entire Interpretive Forest Loop trail will be closed to ensure the safety of the public. Other trails will be partially closed for the same reason which include the Riverside bike trail and the Valley trail. In addition, the trail access road to House Rock will be closed entirely. It is very important that our residents respect the signs as the contractor will be cutting down trees and using heavy equipment. We will do our best to minimize disruption and all trails will be restored after the work is completed. 

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund.

Visit whistler.ca/FuelThinning for more information on fuel thinning in Whistler.