Whistler Weather

Whistler receives an average snowfall of 11.91 metres per year on the mountain ski area. Due to the resort’s coastal proximity, temperatures are moderate through the winter season. In fact, the average daily minimum temperature in Whistler Village is -5° C during most of the winter months.

During the rest of the year, Whistler is an ideal destination for mountain biking, hiking, golf, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. Temperatures reach an average daily high of 27º C during the summer months of July and August.

For up to date weather conditions and the most recent forecast, visit weather.gc.ca

Average Whistler Village temperatures

 Daily HighsDaily Lows
February 3°C-5°C
March 8°C-3°C
April 11°C 2°C
May 17°C 7°C
June 21°C 9°C
July 27°C 11°C
August 27°C 11°C
September 20°C 8°C
October 16°C 3°C
November 5°C-1°C

For a historical chart of Whistler’s historical snowfall data, please check out Whistler Blackcomb’s weather stats here.

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