Rainbow neighbourhood fuel thinning

Rainbow 1 Current status

Fuel thinning is taking place adjacent to the Alpine Meadows and Rainbow neighbourhoods which will affect trails in the area and paralleling 19 Mile Creek. The expected end date for the project is September. 

This is important work to reduce the ability of fire to spread from the forest into the community and vice versa, and to make wildfires easier to fight. In fuel thinning, mature and deciduous trees are left, while lower branches are pruned, and unmanaged second-growth trees, ground brush and debris are removed. 

Trail closures will be in effect. For your own safety, please obey all signs and staff. Active tree-falling and heavy machinery use creates a hazard for the public. 

Affected trails, May 15 through September: 

Multiuse trails: 

  • Delineator 
  • Lower Al 
  • Creamsicle Rainbow 
  • White Knuckles 
  • Up Shit Creek 
  • Anal Intruder 
  • Shit Happens 

Hiking only trails: 

  • Lower 19 Mile Creek 
  • Screaming Cat Connector 
  • Mountainview Access 

Affected trails, starting June 19 through September: 

  • Howler 
  • No View 
  • 19 Mile Creek (East) 

Hiking access to the Skywalk Alpine zone, Screaming Cat Lake, and Iceberg Lake will remain accessible via Rick’s Roost and Rainbow Sproat Flank (North 19 Mile Creek) accessed from the top of Alpine Way. Users are encouraged to park at Meadow Park in the parking lot accessed off Camino Drive, where there is a washroom, and not at the Medow Park Sports Centre. Screaming Cat Lake can also be accessed via the Cougar Mountain Road. 


This project is partially funded by the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund. The work in 2023 continues in collaboration with the Cheakamus Community Forest and will coordinate further with WORCA regarding the trails in the area. 

View the Rainbow Neighbourhood fuel thinning referral package. for more information about the project. 


Manager of Climate and Environment
Luisa Burhenne

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