Business Licences

There are two ways to apply for a Whistler business licence:

  1. Directly from the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW).
  2. Through the One Stop Registry that allows you to apply for your business licence and register your business with provincial and government agencies at the same time.

OneStop Business Registration

The RMOW offers business licence applications through a partnership with the OneStop Business Registry

The OneStop Business Registry offers integrated business registration and business address change services allowing businesses to:

  • Apply for a municipal business licence and register with multiple provincial or federal public sector agencies in one step.
  • Notify multiple public sector agencies and local government of an address change in one step.


OneStop Business Services
Toll free 1-877-822-6727

Apply for a Business Licence from the RMOW

Here are the steps to apply for a business licence:

  1. Download a Business Licence Application.
  2. Submit the application by email to or fax 604-935-8289.
  3. If your business will be occupying a commercial space in Whistler, please provide a copy of the lease that states the civic and legal address of the building and the building plan showing the actual space being occupied.
  4. Business licence applications go through a referral process to the municipal bylaw, planning (zoning), building and fire departments.  
  5. If any structural or building changes are planned, a building permit is required. Building Permits
  6. A sign permit is required for any signage for the business. Sign Permits

Business Licence Application Approval

The process for approving business licence applications depends on the nature of the business.

  • Applications for non-resident (out-of-town) businesses or home occupation businesses generally take approximately five business days. 
  • Applications for commercial based businesses can vary from 10 to 20 days to six to eight weeks.

Please allow adequate time to meet business licence requirements prior to your business’s anticipated opening date.  

The following are required review and approvals for varying types of business:


Type of business

Review and approval required

Business occupying commercial space

  • Review of property use and building for compliance with building, plumbing, zoning, land use contract, and development permit regulations, and any outstanding orders against the property.
  • Review of fire safety requirements and any outstanding orders against the property.

Buying, selling, or wrecking automobiles

Provincial Motor Dealing

Taxi companies or limousine services

Provincial Motor Carrier Licencing

Businesses that produce solid or liquid wastes

Provincial and/or municipal waste management review

Food production or distribution

  • Includes temporary operations and those providing food for free

Vancouver Coastal Health approval

  • Businesses with swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, whirlpools, or waterslides
  • Businesses with on-site sewage disposal
  • Personal service businesses such as hair salons, barbershops, sun tanning salons, massage studios, estheticians, acupuncturists, etc.
  • Any business that sells tobacco and tobacco products, including vending machines.

Vancouver Coastal Health approval
Vancouver Coastal Health
Public Health Inspector
Suite 202-4380 Lorimer Road, Whistler

Businesses serving liquor

Liquor Licencing Board approval.

If, for any reason, the business, lands and/or premises do not conform to the applicable statutes, regulations, codes, bylaws and standards, the applicant will be advised promptly of the deficiencies and will be required to correct the deficiencies before the business licence is issued.

A business licence cannot be issued until the business complies with the bylaws of the municipality and other regulatory agencies.

If a business licence is denied, staff will assist the applicant to assess options to start their business operation in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Business Licence Fees

Business licence fees are listed in the Business License Bylaw.

Business licence fees are due once the application has been approved, prior to the licence being issued.  Payments can be made online at, in person at Municipal Hall or by phone at 604 935-8130.

Busincess Licence Display

  • If your business is located in the Resort Municipality of Whistler, your business licence must be displayed on the premises in a conspicuous place at all times.
  • For businesses with more than one location within municipal boundaries, a separate licence is required for each location.
  • If you are a non-resident, you must carry a licence, while conducting business within municipal boundaries.

Home Businesses

Business operating from residential locations within RMOW boundaries must follow the Home Occupation Use guidelines in Whistler’s Zoning and Parking Bylaw.

View Section 5 of Zoning and Parking Bylaw 303, 1983

Change of Address, Business Name, or Ownership

The Business Licence Application form must be completed and approved:

  • When the location or the operating or legal name of your business changes; and
  • Prior to a new owner taking operation of an existing business.

There is no charge for this application.

Applicable Bylaws

The following municipal bylaws that may affect the operation of your business:

  • Business Licence Bylaw No. 739, 1989
  • Zoning Bylaw No. 3030, 1983
  • Anti-Litter Bylaw No. 218, 1981
  • Parking and Traffic Bylaw No. 1512, 2001
  • Noise Control Bylaw No. 1660, 2004