Home-based artist studios

Potter throwing clay

A valid RMOW business licence is required to sell artwork from a home-based artist studio in Whistler. A sign permit is also required for any signs on the premises. 

Recent Zoning Bylaw and Sign Bylaw updates mean that:

  • a Temporary Use Permit is no longer required to allow sales from a home-based artist studio; and
  • artists can apply to have one freestanding sign and one sandwich board sign, in addition to the single fascia sign for their home-based businesses.

Apply for a business licence

There are a few steps required to sell materials or products from your home-based artist studio. 

1. Complete the Property Owner Authorization Form prior to starting your online application. You will be asked to upload the form as part of your online application.

2. Apply online for a home occupation business licence.

3. Apply for a sign permit if you would like to have signs on the premises.


Typically home-based artist business licenses are $190 per calendar year. A one-time, nonrefundable application fee applies to all new applications. Learn more about licence fees and payment options.

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