Home-based artist studios

Potter throwing clay

A valid RMOW business licence is required to sell artwork from a home-based artist studio in Whistler. A sign permit is also required for any signs on the premises. 

Recent Zoning Bylaw and Sign Bylaw updates mean that:

  • a Temporary Use Permit is no longer required to allow sales from a home-based artist studio; and
  • artists can apply to have one freestanding sign and one sandwich board sign, in addition to the single fascia sign for their home-based businesses.

Apply for a business licence

There are a few steps required to sell materials or products from your home-based artist studio. 

1. Apply online for a home occupation business licence.

2. Apply for a sign permit if you would like to have signs on the premises.


Typically home-based artist business licenses are $190 per calendar year. A one-time, nonrefundable application fee applies to all new applications. Learn more about licence fees and payment options.

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