Historically, there were eight Land Use Contracts (LUCs) in Whistler. LUCs are contracts entered into between a developer of land and a municipality addressing the use and development of a property. They were used as a regulatory tool from 1970 to 1980. LUCs, which are similar to zoning regulations, are registered on the title of each property and, unless terminated, remain in effect today. 

In 2014, the Province of British Columbia passed legislation, which specifies that all LUCs in British Columbia will automatically be terminated on June 30, 2024. Municipalities were required to enact zoning regulations for all properties affected by LUCs and could choose to terminate LUCs prior to 2024. 

Whistler’s eight LUCs were divided into 14 files and in 2016 the RMOW began the process of developing replacement zoning and terminating LUCs. Once the LUC is terminated, it will no longer regulate the use and development of the property. Instead, the property will be zoned under the RMOW’s “Zoning and Parking Bylaw No. 303, 2015“. 

Section 543 of the Local Government Act provides owners of land subject to an LUC that will be terminated early the right to apply to the municipality’s Board of Variance for an exemption to relieve hardship that might be caused by the early termination of the LUC. 

Check to see if your property is in an LUC area using Whistler’s online map

Latest Status

LUC Termination Bylaws, including replacement zoning, have been adopted for all LUCs in Whistler. The new zoning is now in effect for all terminated LUCs.


  • LUC00009 – Twin Lakes
  • LUC00023 – Blackcomb Commercial
  • LUC00022 – Blackcomb Mountain
  • LUC00005 – Blackcomb Multi-Family
  • LUC00010 – Vale
  • LUC00021 – Tamarisk
  • LUC00011 – Whistler Creek
  • LUC00004 – Blackcomb Horstman Estates
  • LUC00006 – Blueberry 
  • LUC00009 – Alpine Meadows
  • LUC00007 – Brio
  • LUC00003 – Bayshores
  • LUC00020 – 4644 Blackcomb Way
  • LUC00002 – 4612 Blackcomb Way


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