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New BC Building Code is effective December 10, 2018

The new BC Building Code is effective December 10, 2018 and will apply to building permits applied for on or after that date.

Some important BC-specific code changes introduced in the 2018 BC Building Code include:

  • Increasing building accessibility for persons with disabilities;
  • Improving the energy efficiency of buildings to require compliance with new building energy efficiency codes and standards;
  • Providing a variation to the National Building Code requirements for mid-rise combustible buildings to require 10 percent street frontage and exterior cladding with increased fire resistance; and
  • Updating radon data, based on recent studies. Proposed change will include Whistler as location in BC requiring radon rough-ins.

For more information about the 2018 BC Building and Plumbing Code: 2018 BC Codes

For a summary of 2018 BC Building Code Changes and technical bulletins:

BC Energy Step Code

Learn more about the implementation of BC Energy Step Code in Whistler.



Snow loads

 RMOW Permits and Inspections Bulletin – Snow Loads

This bulletin provides new ground snow load calculation and clarifications on code requirements for snow loading within Whistler.

Due to the variation of snow buildup at different elevations within Whistler, Environment Canada was contracted by the RMOW to provide an updated ground snow load calculation for Whistler, based on specific site elevations.  This request is in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the introduction section of Division B – Appendix C “Climatic and Seismic Information for Building Design in Canada” from the 2018 BC Building Code.

Fire Separations

RMOW Permits and Inspections Bulletin – Fire Separation

This bulletin provides clarification regarding the code requirements for fire separations for residential suites and multi-family residential units, as addressed in the 2018 BC Building Code.


In-ground Basement Floor Area Exclusion

RMOW Planning Bulletin – In-ground Basement Floor Area

This bulletin provides clarification regarding the misperceptions on the in-ground basement floor area exclusions; from Part 5 – Section 26.(1).(a).(ii). of the RMOW Zoning and Parking Bylaw No. 303, 2012.

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