A Development Permit is a permit issued for development in accordance with the applicable guidelines established in the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s Official Community Plan.

The Resort Municipality of Whistler’s (RMOW) Official Community Plan (OCP), designates land located within the municipality as a Development Permit Area for the following purposes as permitted by the Local Government Act:

  • Protection of the natural environment, it’s ecosystem and biological diversity;
  • Protection of development from hazardous conditions;
  • Revitalization of an area in which a commercial use is permitted;
  • Establishment of objectives for the form and character of commercial, industrial or multi-family development; and
  • Establishment of objectives for the form and character of intensive residential development. 

When is a Development Permit Required?

A Development Permit is required for development on land when:

  1. The land is wholly or partially located within a Development Permit Area; and
  2. The following types of development activities are proposed on the land:



Development Permit Area

Type of Proposed Development
Altering landConstruction of, addition to, or alteration of a building or structureSubdivision of landClosing in storefront windows with display walls or cabinets that impede views into a store
Protection of Riparian EcosystemsYesYesYes 
Protection of Sensitive EcosystemsYesYesYes 
Aquifer ProtectionYesYesYes 
Whistler VillageYesYesYesYes
Whistler CreekYesYesYesYes
Commercial/Industrial YesYes 
Multi-family Residential YesYes 
Intensive Residential YesYes 
Industrial YesYes 

To find out if your property is in a Development Permit Area, go to Whistler Map, search for your property by address, then turn on the Layers tab, click on the OCP layer, then Development Permit Areas layer, then the individual DPA schedules. A property may be in more than one Development Permit Area.

If your property is located within a Development Permit Area, determine if an exemption applies for your type of development within either the OCP Development Permit Area Guidelines applicable to your property or Part 5, Section 28 of Zoning and Parking Bylaw 303, 2015. If an exemption does not apply, a Development Permit is required.

If a Development Permit is not required, you may still require:

  • Building Permit prior to construction where applicable;
  • Tree Cutting Permit prior to cutting, topping or limbing a tree within 20 metres of the Highway 99 right of way or a tree within a registered tree covenant area; and/or
  • Bylaw Variance if your proposal is inconsistent with applicable bylaws.

Follow the two steps below to apply for a Development Permit:

  1. If your property is in a Development Permit Area and your development does not qualify for an exemption (see When is a Development Permit Required above), call 604-935-8170 to schedule a pre-application meeting with Planning Department staff. Staff will review application requirements and provide information on the approval process.
  2. Submit the relevant Development Permit Application and fees.

Upon receipt by the Planning Department, your application will be assigned to a file manager in the Planning Department. The file manager will assess the application for completeness, review the application against applicable regulations and Development Permit Area guidelines, and refer the application to other affected municipal departments. The application will also be referred to the municipality’s Advisory Design Panel in circumstances required by the Advisory Design Panel terms of reference.

Less complex Development Permit applications may be approved and issued by the General Manager of Climate Action, Planning and Development Services, Director of Planning or Manager of Development Planning. More complex developments require Council approval of issuance and may take longer to assess. Refer to the Land Use Procedures and Fees Bylaw.

Development Permits issued may include any development conditions permitted by the Local Government Act, as appropriate to the Development Permit Area and development in question. Development Permits are registered on title; therefore the specified conditions and requirements that development must adhere to “run with the land”, remaining in force until rescinded by the issuance of a new Development Permit.

One of the following Development Application fees will apply:

Development Permit – delegated and removal or addition of trees or vegetation on the land only


Development Permit – delegated to staff for approval


Development Permit – requiring Council consideration of issuance


Development Permit – requiring Council consideration of issuance and involving multiple buildings


In addition to the application fee, if deemed necessary for the review of the application, legal services will charged at cost.

Legal Services: At cost

If requested by the applicant, an additional $35 will be charged for a current Land Title Search

Land Title Search by Request: $35.00

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