The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) is committed to working inclusively and collaboratively with resort partners to provide equal treatment to people with disabilities with respect to the use and benefit of municipal services, programs, goods and facilities in a manner that respects their dignity and that is equitable in relation to the broader public.

This commitment extends to residents and visitors with visible or non-visible disabilities.

The resort community recognizes the heightened responsibility it has to continue to provide residents and visitors from around the world, regardless of age or ability, with a seamless resort experience based not only on accessibility, but also on inclusivity.

The Access Whistler Project

The RMOW is developing a strategy to become a more accessible and inclusive resort community, a recommendation of Whistler 2020's Health and Social Task Force.

To achieve immediate and short-term objectives, the municipality has launched the Access Whistler Project and has signed on to the Province of BC's Measuring Up program.

To achieve comprehensive change, accessibility is incorporated into Whistler2020. For the immediate and short term, the Access Whistler Project is focusing on upgrades to signage, wayfinding information and the built environment. An access audit of Whistler Village and municipal parks has provided a record of deficiencies and despite many of the deficiencies having been addressed, the municipality recognizes that there will always be room for improvement.

Getting Around

Learn about getting around Whistler, including venue accessibility, transportation, maps, support services and more. 

Getting Around

Things to Do

There are many accessible activities available in Whistler on the mountains, in parks and trails, in Whistler Village, at playgrounds and beyond. 

Things to Do

Accessible Policy and Plans in Action

The RMOW has incorporated accessibility and inclusion into the municipality's guiding policy documents and strives to continue to exceed the minimal requirements, or the status quo, of the B.C. building code.

Accessible Policy and Plans in Action

Measuring Up with Community Partners

Together with resort partners, the RMOW has signed onto Measuring Up, a program designed to assist municipalities and communities in British Columbia assess the degree to which their citizens with disabilities are active participants in community life. 

Measuring Up with Community Partners

Accesible Features on

The RMOW website was designed to improve usability and accesibility for site visitors and was developed twoards W3C standards.

Accessible Features on

Paralympic Legacy

As the Host Mountain Resort for the 2010 Winter Games, Whistler had to review and improve its accessibility in all areas, with the community hosting  approximately 90 per cent of the Paralympic events. This provided Whistler the opportunity to substantially build on its international reputation as an accessible destination and grow visitation with all athlete and visitors, including those with disabilities.  It was crucial that Paralympic athletes and visitors were able to have a barrier-free experience.

The Athlete’s Village in Whistler is one of the most tangible legacies of the 2010 Winter Games. Not only was it home to more than 3,500 athletes and officials during the 2010 Winter Games, the neighbourhood now provides much needed affordable housing to Whistler residents as well as a world-class accessible training at the High Performance Centre.


Measuring Up Coordinator