BC Energy Step Code

Effective January 1, 2024, all new buildings in Whistler must meet the prescribed step in the BC Energy Step Code and Strong Carbon Performance from the Zero Carbon Step Code as outlined in the table below.

The Energy Step Code (ESC) paves the path to achieving a future of Net-Zero Energy ready buildings and homes.

The BC Energy Step Code is a provincial set of standards to construct energy-efficient and airtight buildings. These compliance standards ensure that the province will be Net-Zero Energy Ready by 2032. To reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with heating space and water in buildings, the Province has developed the Zero Carbon Step Code (formerly the Carbon Pollution Standard). These standards outline carbon performance tiers that can be adopted by local governments to achieve zero operational GHG emissions in by 2030. Read more information on the BC Energy Step Code and Zero Carbon Step Code

Working towards the top level of BC’s Step Code

In December 2020, Whistler Council adopted the Big Moves Climate Action Strategy, which includes the goal that by 2030, all new buildings in Whistler will achieve the top level of the BC Energy Step Code and use only low carbon heating systems.

In May 2023, Whistler hit a significant milestone on our journey to achieving this target when Council adopted higher steps of the BC Energy Step Code and adopted the Zero Carbon Step Code, effective January 1, 2024. The adopted changes are outlined in the table below.  

Working toward the top level of BC's Step Code

Incentives for builders

Know more about incentive funding opportunities provided by the RMOW and Efficiency BC.

Compliance forms

Refer to the BC Energy Compliance Report Manual and  Part 9 Building Compliance Tools(link is external) for instructions and guidelines on how to complete the Energy Compliance Report.

Permit application forms


Whistler’s building and plumbing regulation bylaw was amended on July 24, 2018 to enable the BC Energy Step Code (ESC) within Whistler. The Energy Step Code bylaw amendment was presented to Council in an administrative report on July 10, 2018.  The Energy Step Code is a tool that local governments can use to require a higher level of energy efficiency in new construction than the requirements of the base BC Building Code.

Municipal staff and the local building sector have been working with the provincial government and the Energy Step Code Council on the development of the ESC framework, and are supportive of the current opportunities and structure that it provides.

Past BC Energy Step Code: Public Training and Information Session

The RMOW Building Department hosted an open house public information and training session at the Whistler Public Library on November 14, 2018.

RMOW Building Officials were available to discuss the implementation of the BC Energy Step Code in Whistler, including permit application requirements, required documentation, and more.

Past BC Energy Step Code: consultation

The RMOW engaged the community and stakeholders on the integration of the BC Energy Step Code into Whistler’s Building Bylaw. Ongoing dialogue with a local stakeholder working group began in February 2018 and continued through a Public Information Session in April. 

A community public opinion survey on this topic was hosted from April 27 to May 18.

Additional provincial information is available at BC Energy Step Code

A Building Better with the Energy Step Code workshop was held on May 28 from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Brennan Park Recreation Centre in Squamish.  Attendees learned how to build to the lower steps of the BC Energy Step Code and work with an Energy Advisor. In addition, learned about FortisBC’s New Home incentive program and engaged in a dialogue about Step Code implementation in the Sea to Sky region. The workshop also featured an airtightness test with time for discussion at a local home.

Workshop attendees are eligible for 6.5 CPD credits (Group A) from BC Housing and credits through the Building Officials Association of BC.

Past BC Energy Step Code: workshop

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) invited all building industry stakeholders to participate in a virtual sector-specific workshop on plans to reduce the carbon footprint of new buildings in Whistler on November 24, 2021:

Those who attended this workshop :

  • Received an overview of the RMOW’s climate targets related to the building sector.
  • Heard an update on the proposed approach and timelines for BC Energy Step Code implementation with a low carbon energy systems pathway.
  • Provided feedback on the proposed approach and key considerations for implementation and compliance.

View here the participant summary outlining the proposed approach. 

Past BC Energy Step Code: information session
On April 5, 2023, the RMOW invited all building industry stakeholders to attend a virtual sector-specific information session on the RMOW’s next steps in implementing the BC Energy Step Code. This information session provided a timeline for the RMOW’s proposed BC Energy Step Code adoption for part 3 buildings, Step increase for part 9 buildings, and adoption of the provincial Zero Carbon Step Code (formerly the Carbon Pollution Standard). 

  • View the recording here
  • View the slides here