Tree Cutting Permits

A permit may be required from the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) prior to cutting, topping or limbing a tree in Whistler.

The Official Community Plan establishes Development Permit Areas which may require a Development Permit to cut a tree, or you may need a Tree Cutting Permit according to the Environmental Protection Bylaw

Please contact the Planning Department by email or by phone 604-935-8170 to help determine whether you need RMOW permission to cut or alter a tree on your property. 

Tree cutting in Development Permit Areas

To cut a tree in an area designated as a Development Permit Area, you must contact the Planning Department to confirm whether a Development Permit is required. 

When is a Tree Cutting Permit required?

The Environmental Protection Bylaw states that a Tree Cutting Permit must be obtained prior to cutting, topping or limbing any tree that is:

  • Located within 20 metres of the highway
  • Identified as a heritage tree
  • Designated in a covenant granted to the Resort Municipality under the Land Title Act, if the covenant requires the owner of the land to obtain permission from the RMOW to cut or alter the tree.

This requirement applies to all trees 15cm or greater in diameter, measured at 1.4m from the base of the stem. 

However, if a tree meeting one of the above criteria is also located within a Development Permit Area, then it’s possible that the requirement for a Development Permit may override the Tree Cutting Permit requirement. 

A valid permit is required to cut a Christmas Tree on Crown land. This permit is administered by the provincial government, not the Resort Municipality of Whistler. The free permit is available online through the Province of BC website.

Visit for more information on tree cutting permissions. 


Planning Department 

For Tree Cutting Permit inquiries, please contact the RMOW Environmental Coordinator

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