The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) has application and review procedures for the location and design of antenna systems.

When a wireless company wants to construct a new antenna system in Whistler, it must apply to the RMOW for a statement of concurrence or non-concurrence from Council. The RMOW will issue the letter of concurrence or non-concurrence to the project proponent and Industry Canada.

The RMOW’s Antenna System Siting Protocol – Council Policy G-25 (the Protocol) establishes procedures and guidelines for the placement and design of antenna systems, such as new freestanding antenna systems and building/structure-mounted antenna systems. Proponents must be familiar with this policy when applying to the RMOW. More information on the policy is available here.

The RMOW seeks to facilitate antenna system installations that are sensitive to the local community’s needs. The RMOW will work with proponents throughout the siting process.

Application Process

You may download the Antenna System Application.

After you complete the application form, provide it to the Planning Department at Municipal Hall along with:

  • A letter or report from the proponent indicating: the need for the proposal; the proposed site; the rationale for site selection; coverage and capacity of existing antenna systems in the general area and a summary of opportunities for co-location potentials on existing or proposed antenna systems within 500 metres of the subject proposal; and details of how the proposal addresses Section 12: Development Guidelines of the Protocol;
  • Visual rendering(s) of the proposed antenna system superimposed to scale;
  • A site plan showing the proposed development situated on the site;
  • A map showing the horizontal distance between the property boundary of the proposed site and the nearest property in residential use;
  • For antenna systems requiring public consultation, a map showing all properties within the prescribed distance from the proposed subject property;
  • Confirmation of legal ownership of the lands subject to the proposal or a signed letter of authorization from the registered property owner of the land, the agent or other person(s) having legal or equitable interest in the land;
  • An attestation that the antenna system will respect Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, which sets safe radiofrequency emission levels for these devices including the cumulative effects of multiple antenna systems at the location and in the immediate area;
  • Any other documentation as identified by the RMOW following the site investigation meeting;
  • Copies of any title restrictions (e.g. restrictive covenants, easements, rights-of-way) from the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA);
  • A title search (issued not more than 30 days from the date the application is received) OR $35 for the Planning Department to conduct the title search (per PID); and 
  • Application fee for an Antenna System Letter of Concurrence or Non-Concurrence:
    •     Consultation not required:    $4,200
    •     Consultation required:          $18,000

More detailed information may be requested during review of the application. Submission of an application does not guarantee a letter of concurrence will be granted by Council.

To obtain documents from the LTSA, you may contact lawyers, notaries, land surveyors or independent registry agents. The LTSA provides links to contact information here.

Review Process

The following are the key steps in the review process:

  • The proponent informs the public about the proposed antenna system through notification packages, signs and advertisements;
  • The proponent hosts a public information session in cases where there is significant public interest;
  • The application, results of the public consultation and other factors are reviewed by the Planning Department and other affected RMOW departments;
  • Staff make a recommendation in a report to Council about whether to issue a letter of concurrence or non-concurrence;
  • Council, by resolution, either issues a letter of concurrence or non-concurrence that considers the land use compatibility of the antenna system, the responses of the affected residents and the proponent’s adherence to the Protocol; and
  • Staff provide the letter of concurrence or non-concurrence to the proponent and Industry Canada.

Industry Canada makes the final decision to approve and license the location of antenna systems.


One of the following Development Application fees will apply: 

Antenna System Letter of Concurrence or Non-Concurrence – no consultation required.$4,200
Antenna System Letter of Concurrence of Non-Concurrence – consultation required$18,000
If requested by the applicant, an additional $35 will be charged for a current Land Title Search$35


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