Strategic Plan

Whistler is at a critical juncture in its evolution and decisions and actions taken now will define its future success and character.

The 2023-2026 Strategic Plan outlines the high level direction of the Resort Municipality of Whistler to help shape community progress during this term of Council. Four priority areas are each supported by key initiatives to move them forward, while four areas of specific focus underpin all work as the organization provides service to the community.

In addition to the priorities for this term, day to day Whistler’s local government delivers a comprehensive system of core municipal programs, services, progressive planning and infrastructure. Community dialogue and monitoring through the Community Monitoring Program guide a collaborative and measured approach.

The municipality’s work on behalf of the resort community is guided by Whistler’s Official Community Plan and Vision to be a place where our community thrives, nature is protected and guests are inspired.


Expedite the delivery of and longer-term planning for employee housing
  • Implement a Housing Action Plan
  • Completion of Cheakamus Crossing Phase 2 (Lots 2, 3, 5) by 2026
  • Advance Private Sector Employee Housing Initiative projects
  • Work with community partners on long-term housing strategy

Climate Action

Mobilize municipal resources toward the implementation of the Big Moves Climate Action Plan
  • Progress the Big Moves Climate Action Implementation Plan
  • Improve infrastructure to support EV vehicles and increase services needed to grow active transportation and transit
  • Update the Whistler Evacuation Plan and increase education and awareness on wildfire risk
  • Accelerate the pace of wildfire protection activities across the community

Community Engagement

Strive to connect locals to each other and to the RMOW
  • Innovate on engagement channels and increase community engagement opportunities
  • Improve information sharing regarding local government process and decisions
  • Support new GM role to strengthen community linkages
  • Conduct committee review and implement identified improvements

Smart Tourism

Preserve and protect Whistler’s unique culture, natural assets and infrastructure
  • Refine understanding of capacity constraints with Balance Model
  • Explore potential initiatives and metrics and research Tourism advancements in other leading destinations
  • Design parks infrastructure, programming and transportation options to encourage dispersion
  • Provide opportunities for visitors to contribute, participate and learn about Whistler’s culture

Areas of Specific Focus

  • Strengthen relationships with Lílwat Nation and Squamish Nation.
  • Allow room for innovative problem solving and approaches.
  • Articulate Whistler’s capacity constraints and fu ture implications.
  • Seek non-tax revenue sources.

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