Registering for MyWhistler is the easiest way to receive tax and utility notices and business licence renewal notices by email and review your account information.

Tax and Utility Notices

Sign up before April 30 to receive your tax and/or utility notice by email. Change your account setting preferences from paper to email notifications. Please use your Folio/Account number and access code from the top right corner of your notice to register.

You can also sign up now so you have receive next year’s tax and/or utility notices by email.

IMPORTANT: Any changes to the ownership or title will cause the access code to change and become void. You will be required to re-register your property with MyWhistler.

Business Licence Renewal Notices

Through MyWhistler, you can receive business licence renewal notices. Make sure you have your account number and access code nearby.

Find more information about and apply for a business licence.