Dog Meadow Park photo credit: Justa Jeskova

Whistler’s Bylaw Services staff and Whistler Animals Galore (WAG), Whistler’s animal shelter, work together to help return lost pets to their owners.

Report a lost or found dog

If you have lost or found a dog in Whistler, please phone RMOW Bylaw Services at 604-935-8280.

For all lost animals, please file a lost pet report, as well, with Whistler Animals Galore by phoning 604-935-8364.

How we can help

When Bylaw Services receives a phone call about a lost dog, a staff member will be dispatched to pick up the dog and bring it safely to Whistler Animals Galore (WAG).

  • If the dog is licensed, someone from WAG will try to contact the owner.
  • If the dog is unlicensed, staff or volunteers at WAG will wait for the owner to contact them.

We highly encourage owners to license their dogs, so we can connect lost dogs with their owners as quickly as possible.

Pick-up (impound) fees

If your dog is picked up (impounded) by a bylaw officer, it will brought to Whistler Animals Galore, Whistler’s animal shelter. The fee to retrieve your dog  depends on whether or not it is licensed, has been impounded before, or is deemed to be dangerous.

  • First offence licenced – $30
  • First offence unlicenced – $75
  • Second offence – $100
  • Third offence – $150
  • Fourth and subsequent offences – $300
  • Deemed dangerous dog (any offence) – $500
  • Board for 24 hours (veterinary expenses added) – $20

An impounded unlicensed dog will require a licence before release.

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