Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee is a Standing Committee of Council.

The purpose of the Human Resources Standing Committee is to assist Council in fulfilling its obligations relating to human resource and compensation matters, including the establishment and maintenance of a plan for continuity and development of senior management.

Committee Members:

Mayor Jack Crompton, Councillor Cathy Jewett, Councillor John Grills

Meeting schedule

As required, via Zoom until further notice. 

Meeting agendas and minutes

*The Human Resources Standing Committee minutes are subject to Section 90 of the Community Charter

March 13, 2023Closed Agenda
February 16, 2023Closed Agenda
June 8, 2022Closed Agenda
July 27, 2021Closed Agenda
February 22, 2021Closed Agenda
November 30, 2020Closed Agenda
September 4, 2018Closed Agenda
May 30, 2018Closed Agenda
April 10, 2018Closed Agenda
October 30, 2017Closed Agenda
May 4, 2017Closed Agenda
March 14, 2017Closed Agenda
November 28, 2016Closed Agenda
August 18, 2016Closed Agenda
March 3, 2016Closed Agenda
December 10, 2015Closed Agenda
October 9, 2015Closed Agenda
September 2, 2015Closed Agenda
July 20, 2015Closed Agenda
June 22, 2015Closed Agenda
April 27, 2015Closed Agenda


Human Resources Department

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