Municipal Governance

Incorporated in 1975, the Resort Municipality of Whistler is Whistler’s municipal government led by an elected council and administered by an executive team and staff.

Municipal Responsibilities and Requirements

The powers and responsibilities of municipalities in British Columbia are regulated through the Local Government Act and the Community Charter.

As defined by the BC Community Charter, the purposes of a municipal government include:

  1. Providing for good government of its community,
  2. Providing for services, laws and other matters for community benefit,
  3. Providing for stewardship of the public assets of its community, and
  4. Fostering the economic, social and environmental well‐being of its community

Among other authorities, municipalities:

  • Raise funds through property taxes and user fees
  • Have the power of a natural person
  • Have the ability to establish and enforce bylaws
  • Have the right to borrow funds to pay for services and capital costs.

Resort Municipality of Whistler Act

While the RMOW is primarily regulated by the Local Government Act and the Community Charter, Whistler has additional provisions defined within the Resort Municipality of Whistler Act (1975). The RMOW Act entrenches the additional purpose to “promote, facilitate and encourage the development, maintenance and operation of a resort promotion area.”

This legislative mandate sets the RMOW apart from other municipalities and requires that it work closely with resort partners to further the resort and community’s overall success.

Council Governance

The Resort Municipality of Whistler Council Governance Manual sets the framework and provides the tools to ensure that the RMOW operates in an effective and accountable manner. This framework is aligned with the statutory authority and responsibilities of local government, while assisting elected official and appointed staff in the efficient and effective delivery of services to the local community.

Municipal Bylaws

Whistler council adopts municipal bylaws, which are then enforced by the RMOW’s Bylaw Services Department.

Bylaws cover zoning, land use, signs, noise, vehicle parking and idling, user fees and property taxation.

Learn about the RMOW’s Bylaws.

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