Infrastructure Services

The Resort Municipality of Whistler’s Infrastructure Services division includes the following departments.

Engineering Services

Engineering (Development) Services is responsible for subdivision and strata inquiries and approvals, land development, administration of the RMOW’s Crown land tenures, infrastructure planning, rezoning referrals from the Planning Department, building referrals from the Building Department, policy development and bylaw drafting. For any Subdivision and Strata Inquiries and Approvals please contact Jeff Ertel, Approving Officer at 604-935-8200 or

Find out about the administration of municipal design standards and municipal standard drawings.

Planning to remove or deposit soil? Learn more about obtaining a Removal and Deposit of Soil Permit.

Road and Flood Protection

Transportation is responsible for maintaining the RMOW’s road network and storm water system, and for undertaking preventative measures to protect the community from flood damage.

Utilities (Water and Sewer)

Utilities operate and maintain the RMOW’s integrated water supply and distribution system, and the municipality’s sanitary sewer collection system.

Learn about how to apply for a Hydrant Use Permit to use water from a fire hydrant. 

In addition to maintaining the water supply, Utilities also spearheads the water conservation program.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant staff operate and maintain the RMOW’s wastewater treatment plant. Staff also manage key aspects of the District Energy System.

Solid Waste

Solid Waste staff operate and maintain two compactor sites, the waste transfer station, and the municipal composting facility for the management of solid waste.

Staff also work with the operators of the Re-Use It Centre, the Re-Build It Centre, and the Bottle Depot to maximize waste diversion from the landfill, as well as maintain policies and pricing structures for waste tipping.

Central Services, Garage and Stores

Fleet maintenance staff maintain the RMOW’s inventory of vehicles, machinery and small equipment.

Stores staff purchase a broad range of goods and services for and on behalf of the RMOW’s various departments.

Central Services administration provides clerical and support services to the staff at the Public Works Yard, as well as management supervision for the various functions of the service area.

Facility Construction Management

Facility Construction Management is responsible for:

  • Municipal facilities maintenance – Building Services
  • Electrical systems – Electrical Services
  • Project and construction management


Infrastructure Services Department

Subdivision and Strata Inquiries and Approvals
Jeff Ertel
Approving Officer

For emergencies, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., contact the Utilities Department at 604-935-8300. After hours contact 604-935-8320.

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