Financial Plans and Reports

Statements of Financial Information (SOFI)

Each year, local governments are required to submit a Statement of Financial Information to the Province and post it publicly. This is one of several important reporting tools that supports our mandate of accountability and transparency.   

The Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) report includes our audited financial statements and information about: 

  • remuneration paid to the Mayor and Council 
  • remuneration paid to RMOW, WDC and WHA employees that exceed $75,000 
  • amounts the RMOW, WDC and WHA paid to suppliers of goods and/or services that exceed $25,000  
  • grants paid by us to not-for-profit organizations for the reporting year 

The report is inclusive of revenues and expenditures for the RMOW, Whistler Development Corporation and Whistler Housing Authority.   

Introducing SOFI Explained:

From auditors to assets, receivables to remuneration explore the fascinating and exciting contents of the SOFI Report. 

As the SOFI report is a standardized document, it leaves little room for explanation. We’ve highlighted and explained some of our most frequently asked questions, to ensure we are fully transparent and accountable to you, our community. 

Total supplier payments have increased by $18 million from 2021 to 2022. This reflects the employee housing development materials and contractors paid for by the Whistler Development Corp. for the Cheakamus neighbourhood Whistler Housing build and, more generally, the increased cost of goods, due to inflation and supply chain shortages. 

Firefighters were paid retroactive pay for 2020 and 2021 in 2022.   This increased firefighters compensation for 2022, due to retroactive negotiated wage payments. 

Some municipal staff saw a change in their salaries, due to a job re-evaluation compensation review process that resulted in reclassification of their salary. There are various reasons why an individual position is reviewed; most often this is in response to a fundamental change in job responsibilities or a change in the job market conditions related to the position.   

The 2022 SOFI report will include the portion of extended health benefits (Pacific Blue Cross) and Municipal Pension Plan paid by the RMOW on the suppliers list.   

Ultimately, the primary difference is the SOFI reports what HAS happened, and the Financial Plan is forward-looking and reports what we EXPECT TO happen. 

The Five-Year Financial Plan provides detailed funding requirements over the next five years, and also articulates financial priorities and challenges. It helps staff manage day-to-day operations by detailing expectations related to things like revenues and expenditures for each operating area, and by identifying financial and staffing resources available to support service delivery. The Plan serves as a communication device that gives all readers a comprehensive look at the services provided by the RMOW and the costs related to those services. 

Download the Statements of Financial Information:

Five-Year Financial Plan

Each year council reviews the priorities and goals for the upcoming year and directs staff to prepare a comprehensive Five-Year Financial Plan, as required by the Community Charter. The Five-Year Financial Plan is the organization’s budget document reflecting ongoing efforts to provide quality of service in daily operations and local governance consistent with the priorities and strategies identified in the Corporate Plan and OCP.

Download the following Five-Year Financial Plans:

Find information about the annual budget process.

Annual Reports

The RMOW’s Annual Reports include audited financial statements from the previous year, as well as an overview of municipal services and operations, a progress report on municipal objectives and a list of property tax exemptions.

Download the following Annual Reports:

The prior year’s Annual Report is contained in the Corporate Plan: to view, visit the About the Corporate Plan page, which contains the current Corporate Plan/Annual Report as well as prior years.

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly financial reports provide a regular overview of financial information and support the RMOW’s commitments to fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Download the following financial reports:

Financial statements

Download the following audited Financial Statements:

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