Writing to Council

Writing to Council

Correspondence must:

  • be addressed to “Mayor and Council”
  • contain your full name
  • be signed (unless sent by email)
  • contain your mailing address

The Corporate Officer must receive the correspondence no later than noon on the Wednesday preceding a Regular or Special Meeting for the letter to be included in the Council Agenda. All submissions will form part of the public record.

Your letter, with your name and address, will appear on the Council Agenda under the correspondence section. It will be acknowledged (received) during a Council Meeting. Personal phone numbers and email addresses will be redacted.

  • Council may just receive your letter
  • Council may direct further action
  • Council may refer it to staff

After the meeting, the Corporate Officer responds to letters informing the author of Council’s action.

Letters can be emailed, faxed or mailed, and must be addressed “To Mayor and Council”, and include your full name and mailing address (regardless of method of submission).

A submission may not contain:

  • Video or audio and associated file types (e.g. .mp3)

Email address

Email: corporate@whistler.ca

While email correspondence does not need a physical signature, it must contain contact information, including:

  • Full name
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Mailing address

Mayor and Council
Resort Municipality of Whistler
4325 Blackcomb Way
Whistler, BC V8E 0X5

Fax: 604-935-8109

Click here for the full municipal contact list, including contact information for the Mayor and each of the Councillors.

Public Hearing written submissions

For information on how to submit your written comments for a Public Hearing and the Public Hearings process in general, please go to the Public Hearings page.

For more details relating to Public Hearings, please see the Rezoning Review Process.

To find out what Public Hearings are scheduled, and to view the Public Notices, please see the Public Hearings and Development Input webpage.

If you would like to speak at a Public Hearing, please refer to the Public Hearings Section under Presenting to Council for instructions.

Request a proclamation from Council

The Resort Municipality of Whistler may receive requests for formal pronouncement of proclamations by Council from groups and organizations who wish to raise awareness of an upcoming event, week or day. A date for the proclamation to appear on a Council Agenda is arranged by contacting the Legislative Services Department at least three weeks prior to the date of the formal pronouncement. See below if you wish to submit a request to light up a landmark in addition to your proclamation. 

Requests must be emailed to Legislative Services at corporate@whistler.ca and must provide a letter that contains the following information in order to be considered:

  • Addressed to “Mayor and Council”;
  • Name of organization/group/individual requesting the proclamation;
  • Contact information including email, phone number, and mailing address for the person or group arranging for the proclamation;
  • Title of the proclamation;
  • Information about the proclamation and its purpose; and
  • A copy of the proclamation wording.

No presentation is needed to Council, but supplementary letters or information regarding the proclamation is encouraged.

When your proclamation request is addressed during the correspondence section of the Regular Council meeting, Council will vote on a motion and may proclaim your event or day/week of special interest. Once proclaimed, Legislative Services will prepare the official proclamation and present it to the individual representing the organization/group, with the Mayor’s signature and gold seal of the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

The Legislative Services Department may alter the wording, grammar and spelling of the proclamation to ensure consistency and correctness.

Request to Light a Landmark

Currently the only Whistler landmark that is available for Light Up requests is the Fitzsimmons Covered Bridge. Please include a cover letter addressed to “Mayor and Council” with information regarding your campaign or cause included in the subject matter for Council to review when considering your request at a Regular Council Meeting. Please note that light-up requests require 4 weeks notice and if the date of your event has already been requested we will not be able to accommodate you but will consider alternate dates if available. Weeks reserved for RMOW annually are:

  • Indigenous Peoples Day: Week of June 21
  • Truth and Reconciliation Day: Week of September 29
  • Whistler Pride Week: Last Week of January

Available solid colours include Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, Yellow, and White.

More than one colour combinations include Red and Green, Red and White, Red and Blue, Yellow and Blue, Rainbow Flag (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple), Green Red and Blue, or White Red and Blue

Please fill out the Landmark Lighting Request Form and forward it along with the cover letter to corporate@whistler.ca.

Media requests for Mayor and Council

The Resort Municipality of Whistler values the role that media play in keeping citizens informed. Our team of communications professionals will work with you to answer your questions and set up interviews with spokespeople.

Submit a media inquiry

Request a Photo Opportunity with the Mayor or Council

If an organization or group wishes to have a photo opportunity with the Mayor or Council, this should be arranged outside of the Council meeting and can be done by contacting the Executive Secretary at mayorsoffice@whistler.ca.

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