Noise Bylaw

Noise Little Girl Covering Ears

Noise is part of life, but too much noise can disruptive and harmful.

How much noise is too much? Whistler’s Noise Control Bylaw defines how much noise is acceptable, based on:

  • Where you are
  • Where the noise is coming from
  • What is making the noise
  • What time and day the noise is occurring

Who do I talk to?

Several agencies deal with noise issues. Report excess noise to the agency related to your noise complaint:

Bylaw Services

Contact Bylaw Services seven days per week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. by phoning 604-935-8280 for the following types of noise:

  • Barking dogs
  • Car alarms
  • Residential noise


Phone the RCMP non-emergency line at 604-932-3044 for the following types of noise:

  • Car alarms after hours
  • House alarms
  • Residential noise after hours and late night
  • Village noise late night

Transport Canada

Phone Transport Canada at 1-800-305-2059 to report noise from:

  • Helicopters
  • Floatplanes

Noise within Strata Properties

Noise disturbances occurring within a strata must be reported to the strata council or strata management company for enforcement.

Whistler Transit

Email Whistler Transit Ltd. at to report any public transit noise concerns.

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