Council Governance

The Resort Municipality of Whistler Council Governance Manual sets the framework and provides the tools to ensure that the RMOW operates in an effective and accountable manner.

This framework is aligned with the statutory authority and responsibilities of local government while assisting elected official and appointed staff in the efficient and effective delivery of services to the local community.

What makes good governance?

An essential element of good governance is the engagement of key stakeholders and the community in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives and programs designed to make the community a better place. 

The four basic goals of municipal government are:

  • Provide for good government for the community, including physical, social, and fiscal health, and sustainability
  • Ensure local public services are effectively and seamlessly delivered, including water, sewer, roads, police and fire protection, parks and recreation services and other things that Council considers necessary or desirable for the community
  • Regulate individual conduct to protect the community, such as building inspection, licensing of businesses, animal control, bylaw enforcement, noise control, zoning and land use
  • Respond to the community’s needs and desires by formulating partnerships with other stakeholders and permitting maximum participation of its citizens at the local level 

The role of Council

Council is responsible for establishing: 

  • strategic direction
  • policy
  • monitoring and evaluating the implementation of programs
  • authorizing the revenue collection and expenditures required to fund the Municipality’s operations
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