Whistler’s Natural and Cultural Heritage

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) recognizes the value in Whistler’s rich heritage and natural history.

Celebrating heritage

Whistler’s Heritage Strategy & Plan is currently in development. When complete, the RMOW anticipates that Whistler’s Heritage Plan will include a Community Heritage Register  which will formally identify things that matter to Whistler residents – including places, structures, natural features, and traditions – and will acknowledge their importance to the community with statements of significance.

In advance of Whistler’s Heritage Plan and the anticipated Community Heritage register, the RMOW is keeping a close watch and, when necessary, conducting repairs on several historical structures on municipal property including the Rainbow Lodge cabins in Rainbow Park, the lodge at Cypress Point, and the original Alta Lake school all of which are among the oldest buildings in Whistler.

Public education

Public education initiatives to help promote the preservation of Whistler’s heritage and natural history include:


A series of educational videos have been developed to provide Whistler residents and seasonal workers with a deeper understanding of Whistler’s geodiversity, biodiversity, heritage including First Nations, and the arts.

WHISTLER 101 is a celebration of the interconnectedness of all that surrounds us, and how we express and celebrate our connection to our surroundings. Five high-quality videos showcasing Whistler’s unique environment, history, heritage and culture will be released during the coming weeks.

This community-led series was developed by the Resort Municipality of Whistler in collaboration with the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, the Whistler Museum, the Whistler Naturalists, and Arts Whistler. All five episodes were directed by Leslie Anthony and edited by Mike Douglas and Switchback Entertainment.

The first video – GEODIVERSITY – will be released on December 16, 2020. Watch GEODIVERSITY for free at the RMOW Facebook Watch Party at 7 p.m. View the details at whistler.ca/101.


Interpretive panels

Whistler has over a hundred outdoor interpretive panels throughout the resort that share stories about the area’s natural history and human heritage. These allow for self-guided discovery of Whistler that is weather independent. The interpretive panels are being updated over a period of five years (from 2018 to 2022). Updates range from refining text and images to wholesale changes with new text, illustrations and historical photos.

Self-guided tours
Get more out of your Whistler experience with Go Whistler Tours, brought to you by Tourism Whistler and the Resort Municipality of Whistler. The curated tours–introduced in July 2021–guide you to unique experiences and locations throughout our resort, from art galleries to nature walks, and help you adventure more deeply in Whistler. Learn more.




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