BMX bike track

Whistler’s new BMX track is located in Bayly Park in the Cheakamus Crossing neighbourhood and is open to the public from dawn to dusk.

Led by the volunteer-based Whistler BMX Club, the track and club caters to a wide range of abilities, from run bikers to beginner riders to national level athletes.

Using the BMX Track

  • Stay off when damp or wet. Accessing the track when it’s wet will damage the riding surface.
  • Stay off steep slopes on the backside of the corners and sides of the straightaways. Doing so undermines berm stability.
  • Ride the track in the correct direction.
  • Keep dogs on leash.
  • Stay off recently hydro seeded areas. Walking or riding on these areas damages seeds that have been planted to improve the appearance of the area and stability of slopes and berms.


Parking for BMX events will be available in existing parking areas accessed from Jane Lakes Road, away from the developed area of the Cheakamus Crossing neighbourhood.

A significant amount of overflow parking is available off Jane Lakes Road below Bayly Park.

License Agreement

The Whistler BMX Club and the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) have entered into a formal License Agreement to guide operations and site responsibilities, including vehicle parking, noise, dust control, maintenance, permitted uses, times of use, clean-up, insurance and indemnity provisions. It is a five-year term that has provisions for renewal or early termination.


The land, as well as funds for track design and landscaping were contributed by the municipality from the Province of British Columbia’s Resort Municipality Initiative.

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Funding for track construction has been raised by the WBMX Club., including primary partner funding from Whistler Blackcomb Foundation, The Spalding Family Foundation with American Friends of Whistler, Gibbons Whistler and BC Hydro/Tree Canada

Over 50 other business, individuals and organizations have also contributed to the construction of the track.WBMX continues to accept donations to help fund Club development and maintain the track.

More improvements will be made as funding and opportunities allow. This includes adjusting the start mound approach ramp and landscaping the area outside of the track. Landscape work will be done by the municipality over the coming months to integrate the track within Bayly Park and involve installation of low berms, hydro  seeding  and trees.

Whistler BMX Contact

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