Adult sport nights

Badminton at Myrtle Philip Community School photo by Justa Jeskova

Monthly schedule

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Indoor adult sports 

Co-ed adult sport nights are offered from November until mid-April (excluding Christmas and statutory holidays) for basketball, soccer, badminton, pickleball and volleyball (session end dates may be changed should participation numbers start to decline).

Co-ed adult sports are a fun opportunity to meet new people while staying active in the evening.

  • All equipment is supplied.
  • Must be 18 years or older to participate.
  • Non-marking inside shoes only.
  • No spectators.
  • All levels welcome. 

How it works

  • Staff do not facilitate adult sports in the gym.
  • Participants organize themselves into teams and courts.
  • Staff set up equipment and provide supplies.
  • Participants who have not registered will be asked to wait until registration has closed and registered participants have checked-in (if space is still available).
  • Participants must wait until checked in by staff before entering.
  • Participants will be given access to the gymnasium at the advertised time due to other bookings, cleaning and setup time requirements.
  • Participants will be given a reminder 5 minutes before the end of the session. 
  • Participants must leave the facility within 5 minutes of the end of the session (no showers available).

How to register for session in advance (recommended)

  • Call 604-935-PLAY (ext. 0) to get started. You will be sent a link to sign into your account to register.
  • You must register for each session to secure a spot. 
  • Sign up opens 72 hours in advance.
  • *NEW* Participants can pay a drop-in at the start of the session, if space permits. 
  • Cut-off for signing up is at the start time for each session (excluding basketball which is 15 minutes before the start time).
  • We recommend you do not wait until the last minute to create an account as this might affect your ability to register for a session before it starts. 
  • No discounts offered.
  • Refunds may be given for insufficient registration (you will not be able to personally withdraw and must show up to receive a refund – unless contacted prior).


  • All sports are $10 per session.

Book your adult sport session

Participants can book their time slot online through Whistler’s registration software system. Guests who need to gain access to their online account can do so by calling 604-935-PLAY (7529) during business hours.

Book your session online


Adult Sport Nights are held at two locations:

Code of Conduct

The Recreation Department values how people are treated in our programs and facilities. All people are expected to avoid behaviour that:

  • threatens any individual or group;
  • gets in the way of the RMOW Recreation Division doing business; or
  • is harmful to oneself or others.

Anyone who shows any of the above behaviours will be immediately asked to leave the program or facility and may be temporarily or permanently banned from RMOW recreation facilities, programs, or services.


General Inquiries
Recreation Department
604-935-PLAY (7529)

Recreation Facilities Coordinator
604-935-8468 (M-F 9-5:00p.m.)