Fitness participants. Photo by Mirae Campbell

Whether you are looking for something fast-paced, intense, fun or mellow, the array of fitness classes on offer means there is something for everyone.

Fitness Class Schedule

General guidelines for use​

  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Respect personal space; consider other people’s situations and different comfort levels
  • Follow all guidelines and abide by the posted Code of Conduct
  • Sanitize your equipment before and after use

Book your group fitness or yoga class​

Book your spot in a class up to 72 hours in advance:

Book your fitness or yoga class online

By Phone: 604-935-PLAY (7529) ext. 0

Passholders and drop-in users who need to gain access to their online account can do so by calling 604-935-PLAY (7529) during operating hours or by emailing

**Participants are permitted to pre-register for one included fitness class per day** 

Having trouble booking a class? 

12-hour cancellation policy

Reservations can be cancelled without penalty, up to 12 hours before the class by emailing or calling 604-935-PLAY (7529). 

**Please note that you cannot cancel bookings online**

No shows or cancellations within 12 hours – You will be charged for your missed visit:

  • Drop-in admissions will not be refunded
  • Playtime Cards: A punch will be taken off of your pass (as if you had visited the facility)
  • Active Member Passes: Annual and monthly pass holders will be charged a $6.50 cancellation fee (equivalent to 1 punch off a 30x card) 
  • Passes will be frozen until all fees are collected
  • ​Guests who repeatedly no-show or cancel within 12 hours could lose their booking privileges and temporary access to the facility

Illness: Guests who cancel due to illness will not be charged a cancellation fee, but for precautionary reasons, all upcoming bookings will be cancelled, as long as symptoms persist.

PAR-Q+ participant questionnaire

The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q+) will tell you whether it is necessary for you to seek further advice from a doctor or qualified exercise professional prior to engaging in physical activity.

Class descriptions

See what classes are currently available.

These classes are included with your active membership for no extra charge.  Included class registration is available online up to 72 hours in advance of the class start.  

  • Aqua Fit Deep/Shallow: Join us for this refreshing aerobic workout if you want to train your cardiovascular system in a new environment, or are coming back to training after an injury. This class is a great alternative for those wanting a low-impact aerobic workout to boost training volume.
  • TRX Mixer 45 min: TRX Mixer is a strength-focused high-intensity interval circuit session! Build lean muscle while using the weight of your body as your source of resistance. This is a circuit-style class including TRX and whatever other equipment the instructor chooses.
  • Full Body HIIT /45 min HIIT Express: A full-body interval workout for all levels. This class incorporates bodyweight exercises and cardio interval training to get your body moving, and your heart rate up.
  • Gentle Fit: ‘Use it or Lose it’ the saying goes! Join this session to get moving at your pace and be surrounded by your peers.  Gain strength, flexibility, better posture, balance, coordination and agility. 
  • Girls Learn 2 Strength Train: Expand on the skills you learned in the YOW program.  Join this session to get coached, by another Female Personal Trainer. Learn the foundations of strength training and how to create your own program. Build strength, confidence and have fun!
  • Low Impact Strength: The goal of this class is to increase strength, balance and coordination. Suitable for everyone including seniors and those returning to exercise from injury.  
  • Mountain Ready Conditioning: This higher-intensity class will help build your engine and increase your capacity to go further, faster and for longer. Expect some metabolic conditioning focused on building more power and endurance on the trails. All sessions are scaled appropriately and will benefit all.
  • Slow Flow Yoga: Take time at the end of your day to slow down and spend some conscious time in your body. Reset and recalibrate with this slow, flow-style class. You will get the chance to move your body, breathe with intention, process stress and build resilience”
  • Functional Strength & Conditioning: A high intensity, circuit training class incorporating a variety of compound exercises to build overall strength and fitness applicable to your everyday life. Each class has a comprehensive warm up and activation set to ensure you are ready to go hard when it counts.
  • Strength & Mobility: A fun and effective hour of strength and stability, with special attention to core, glute and balance work to ensure you’re ready for mountain sports. Enjoy the benefits of full-body activation and mobility to start, followed by a combo of full-body strength exercises.
  • Strong Glutes & Core: Time to get specific with Glutes and Core and target the body parts that tend to get lazy. This class will focus on corrective work, focusing on those strong foundations to promote healthy glutes and an active core, mobile hips, aiding injury prevention and making some aesthetic gains!
  • Yin + Yang Yoga: We will work our deeper connective tissues through Yin and move with action through Yang. A balanced practice that leaves you feeling revitalized, spacious and centered
  • Mobility: Roll & Release: This class blends mobility and releases with the ball.  Learn to improve range of motion, eliminate pain, strengthen joints and establish healthy movement patterns to help you live better in your body and move with more ease and agility.
  • Zumba: This class is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™. No dance experience required. Zumba is for all shapes and sizes. 

These classes have a separate fee and allow you to register for classes on the days that fit your schedule.

  • Bike Fit:  Get ready to ride longer, faster, and stronger with more confidence! Prepare for the mountain bike season by improving your overall strength, building a strong foundation, increasing your endurance and power and preventing injuries.
  • Vinyasa Yoga: Join Nicki for a Vinyasa Flow that links breath with functional movement patterns. With plenty of choices and challenges, good tunes, and positive vibes, you’ll be feeling vibrant, energized and ready to conquer whatever the mountains have in store.
  • Yoga & Pilates Blend: This mindful movement class combines Yoga and Pilates, working to balance the strength and flexibility of all muscle groups. You will move through creative and empowering sequences, with a focus on the breath, alignment and mind-body connection. Optional modifications to each exercise make this type of movement suitable for all levels and all body types. With a closing Savasana, this class will provide both challenge and relaxation.
  • Spin: Get ready to sweat with our experienced cycling instructors! This high-energy class will progress every week so you can maintain a high level of sport-specific fitness all season long.
  • Swim Fit- Endurance: Join this class to receive coached swim workouts.  We will swim longer sets with the intention of developing swim endurance. We will also learn drills to work on stroke improvement to get more efficient in the water.  Prerequisite: ability to swim 100m non-stop. Led by NCCP level 1 swim coach and triathlon coach Marie- Anne Prevost.

These classes have a separate fee and a defined start and end date.  Pre-registration is required for the entire set of classes

  • Prenatal Fitness: Experience a more energetic pregnancy and meet other moms in the community. Each class will include prenatal-specific core work and will incorporate exercises for a full-body workout, while reducing pregnancy relates aches and pains.
  • Be the Change’: Strength Training for the Peri and Menopausal Stages of Life
  • Swim Fit: Coached swim workouts with stroke improvement and swim fitness as the goal. All strokes will be worked. Led by NCCP level 1 swim coach and triathlon coach. Approximately 1800-2200m total swims
  • Swim Fit, Stroke & Technique: Join this class to get fit while using all the swim strokes. We will work on swim technique including flip turns, dives as well as all 4 strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Led by NCCP level 1 swim coach and triathlon coach Marie- Anne Prevost. Prerequisite: ability to swim 100m non-stop.
  • Pilates Mat: With a focus on strengthening the core, stability, use of breath and improving flexibility. You will move mindfully, working to balance the strength and flexibility of all muscle groups, with the use of light equipment to add some extra challenge and variety. The optional modifications to each exercise make this type of movement suitable for all levels and all body types. It is the perfect complement to your athletic training or rehabilitation.
  • Mom & Baby 2.0: This baby-friendly class allows Moms to get a great workout AND attend to their baby’s needs at any time. A full body workout: cardio, muscular endurance, postnatal specific core work and flexibility. Must be min 12 weeks Postpartum and cleared for exercise.

Youth Learn 2 Lift: For youth who want to get stronger in the gym! Work with a personal trainer to develop a personalized strength training program and learn proper technique of the major lifting patterns. Have fun while building strength and confidence for life! Upon completion you will graduate from the MPSC Youth On Weights program and be able to use the gym on your own after.

LIFT CLUB: small group Strength and Conditioning class aimed at boys aged 15-18 years old . Sessions will provide safe, structured, and supervised programing for key weightlifting exercises. LIFT sessions will also introduce participants to plyometric, speed and mobility training as well as optimal recovery protocols. A great dryland class that supports all sporting activities and develops athletic abilities. Note: must have completed the Youth on Weights certification

Registered classes – These classes have a separate fee and a defined start and end date.  Pre-registration is required for the entire set of classes. 


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