Personal training and rehab services

Discover a range of fitness services to help you be in the best shape of your life.

Personal training services are available to help you reach your fitness, health and lifestyle goals. Our team of dedicated and professional trainers are available for general personal training, including initial fitness and wellness assessments available for different ages and fitness needs.

A range of health relief, disease support, and rehabilitation personal fitness programs are available. Read more below or speak to a member of the team to learn more.

There are also high performance fitness services available to help you reach your full potential.


Contact Meadow Park Sports Centre by phone or in-person to register for the following fitness services.

Free orientations

Learn the “how-to’s” of the fitness centre with a free orientation! 

New client consultation

Sit down with your personal trainer to review your health and fitness goals and be led through an assessment to identify postural and muscular imbalances. This consultation is done in advance of any personal training or kinesiology appointments and will help your trainer create an efficient program designed especially for you. 

Fee: $50
Duration: 45 minutes

Personalized training program 

Whether your goals are to improve personal health and wellness, prevent injury or train for performance in sport, we can help you get there! Our qualified fitness professionals will help you to identify and achieve your goals by developing a program to meet your specific needs and maximize the benefits of training. This 1-hour session is a detailed review of your customized, take-away exercise program. It’s recommended to update your workout program monthly. All new clients will need to purchase and book the New Client Consultation prior to the first session. 


  • 1 session $92.50
  • 3 sessions $265
  • 6 sessions $530

Duration: 60 minutes

30 Minute workout session 

Do you want a trainer to give you an awesome workout or help with some corrective exercises, mobility or stretching? Sometimes all you need is 30 minutes for a great workout! Come early to do your own cardio warm-up and stay later to stretch on your own, and just use us to help you with the ‘meat’ of your workout. All new clients will need to purchase and book the New Client Consultation prior to the first session.  


  • 3 sessions $122.50
  • 6 sessions $235
  • 12 sessions $470

Duration: 30 minutes

60 Minute workout session 

Looking to get a great 1 hour workout in the gym, but bored with your usual routine; need to spend time working on something specific but need help; or just need the extra push to be consistent with your fitness goals? Get the best workout you can with one of our personal trainers in these fun workout sessions! This 1 hour with a trainer can be used for strength building, injury prevention, sport specific training or weight loss. If you’d like a personalized workout plan to do on your own after the session, please check out and purchase the Personalized Training Program. All new clients will need to purchase and book the New Client Consultation prior to the first session.


  • 3 sessions $245
  • 6 sessions $470
  • 12 sessions $940

Duration: 60 minutes

60 Minute kinesiology session 

Kinesiology is the science of human movement that seeks to improve an individual’s function by university trained health care professionals. We are here to help you on your road to recovering, working with your doctor and physio. Active rehabilitation is beneficial for injuries rehabilitation, post-surgery, motor vehicle accidents, post-partum and chronic disease management. We will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan and progressive exercise program based on your current needs, helping you achieve your goals. You will receive at-home or gym-based exercises to compliment your sessions. Some insurers will cover kinesiology, please check with your extended health plan insurer. Kinesiologists on staff: Sara Niblock, Carly Mann, Roos Nijzink.


  • 1 session $104.50
  • 3 sessions $304

Duration: 60 minutes

Fitness and Wellness Assessment

Are you wanting to know where you’re at with your fitness or need a specific paramedical test performed? Our qualified CSEP trainers can assist you with finding a baseline of your current fitness level and establishing a starting point for your training goals. This assessment includes an appraisal of risk factors, assessment, measurements of your muscular strength and endurance, power, flexibility and aerobic capacity. It’s recommended to re-test yourself again after a period of training to see your improvements. This package includes written results, but does not include a personalized training program. 

Fee: $105
Duration: 90 minutes 

Youth on Weights (13 to 15 years)

Gain access to the fitness centre and develop a personal workout program. The sessions includes an orientation, workout program and exercise review and quiz. 

Fee: 2 session $90
Duration: 60 minutes

*Two youth max at one time. Buddy discount of 20% off each person.

Discounts for buddy sessions

Bring a buddy, train together, and save. 

  • 2 person buddy training: 30% off each
  • 3 to 4 person buddy training: 50% off each

*Excludes consultations and specialty fitness services.

Movement is Medicine

Exercise is medicine encompasses 4 different programs carried out by qualified exercise professionals at Meadow Park Sport Centre. It is a known fact that exercise has been shown to improve medical outcomes in chronic disease as well as in cancer, Parkinson’s and rehabilitation of injuries. The impact these types of programs have on individuals goes beyond just a recovery, it manages stress, anxiety depression, weight gain or loss and many other negative side effects associated with various conditions and injuries. We are encouraging primary care physicians and health care providers to include physical activity when designing treatment plans and to refer patients to evidence-based exercise programs and qualified exercise professionals for an individualized exercise prescription.

Qualified exercise professionals:

Stephen List is a qualified Cancer Exercise Specialist with experience working with patients at all stages of their treatment. Stephen has a Sport and Exercise Science (BSc) and in 2016, Stephen completed a master’s degree in Health and Exercise Science in which he furthered his understanding of exercise prescription in clinical populations.

Sara Niblock has a Bachelor of Kinesiology; is a BCAK Practicing Kinesiologist and ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist with 4 years of clinical experience in a cardiac rehab setting and over 12 years of experience in rehabilitation of injuries and chronic disease.

Strong Hearts: Community Cardiac Rehab Program 

For program information or to book a consultation, please contact Sara Niblock ( One on one sessions are also available.

CanActive: Cancer Exercise Program

Fee: 3 sessions plus consult package $240

For program information or to book a consultation, please contact Steve List ( One on one sessions are also available.

PWR! Moves: Parkinson’s Disease Exercise Program 

For program information or to book a consultation, please contact Sara Niblock ( One on one sessions are also available.

  • Alex Hartshorne: NVQ 3 Personal Trainer, ISSA Nutrition Coach, WSA Swim Instructor, Indoor Cycling Instructor
    When not training for Ironman or coaching in the pool, Alex enjoys helping people with their fitness goals including getting back to fitness, building strength, and weight management.
  • Anna Bepirszcz: MSc Physical Education, Certified Personal Trainer ISSA, Swim instructor, CASI Snowboard Instructor
    Anna brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to all her classes and personal training and can assist clients with general fitness, gaining strength, injury prevention and sport specific training.
  • Diana De ManBachelor Phys. Ed, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, IDEA Personal Trainer
    In her over 30 years as a trainer Diana has coached runners of all ages and created programs for athletes representing Canada at all competition levels. She has helped local seniors to improve their fitness for many years and shares her vast knowledge to each of her clients (of any age) with personalized programs and in her group fitness classes.
  • Eric SoucyBachelor of Education, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, CSEP Certified Personal trainer, NCCP 1 Weightlifting, Kettlebell Level 1
    Eric has extensive knowledge and experience with ski and snowboard specific training, olympic style weightlifting, kettlebell training and is happy to help clients of any level whether an aspiring athlete or a beginner to strength training.
  • Garret GentleBCRPA  Group Fitness & HFA Personal Trainer, Level 4 CSIA Ski Instructor, Level 3 Examiner, Level 3 IDP and Level 1 PMBIA Mountain Bike Coach
    Garret spends most of his time instructing on skis or bike but when in the gym he’s enthusiastic to help anyone in class or personal training with their fitness, athletic performance, or ski/bike specific training.
  • Josh Jeffers: ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Josh has a personal training diploma from Infofit Fitness Career College along with many years of experience competing and coaching at high levels in multiple sports.
  • Marie-Anne PrevostBA, BCRPA, NCCP Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor
    Sport specific training specializing in tri-athletes and runners, general fitness for all levels and weight loss.
  • Sara Niblock (on leave returning June): BKin, BCAK Practicing Kinesiologist, ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist
    15+ years of experience, Sara specializes in prevention and rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries, cardiac rehabilitation & chronic disease, strength & conditioning for sport and pre& postnatal fitness. Let Sara help you return to sport or work with confidence.
  • Stephen ListBSc Sport & Exercise Science, MSc Exercise Science, GP Exercise Referral, Cancer and Exercise Level 4
    Steve is highly experienced in the management of chronic disease and has led the Cardiac and Cancer Care programs over many years. His passion for rugby and sports along with his education and knowledge has made him a great resource for anyone looking for an athletic program at any level.
  • Sylvie AllenBCRPA Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Level 1, PMBIA Mountain Bike Coach Level 2
    With a couple decades of mountain bike coaching and personal training experience, Sylvie loves to share with her clients’ ways to improve mobility, increase strength, and prevent injury for any sport or life activity.