Trail safety and etiquette

Residents and visitors alike have a responsibility to be adventure smart by being prepared and always respecting the environment.

Learn how to be Adventure Smart with safety tips for hiking and biking on Whistler’s trails.

Responsible trail etiquette and backcountry behaviour means:

  • Being prepared
  • Being aware of risks, rules and regulations
  • Staying safe
  • Respecting the environment

Pack out all garbage, use outhouses, take only photos and leave no trace.

Be prepared

The extensive Alpine Trail Network provides a backcountry experience that requires all trail users to have a high level of fitness and be prepared for a day-long journey in remote, strenuous alpine.

Please ensure bikes are well-tuned and pack spare parts, food, water and appropriate clothing for changing weather conditions. Be prepared for self-rescue.

There are signs and cell phone coverage along most of the trails.

Grizzly and Black Bears

Grizzly and black bears exist in the Whistler area, including the Alpine Trail Network.

All trail users should be bear aware by:

  • carrying bear spray (and knowing how to use it in the event of an encounter)
  • never hiking or biking alone
  • being alert to bear signs (scat, prints, tree markings), and
  • respecting trail closures.

Find more information on bear awareness at

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