Trail information – Nordic skiing and snowshoeing

Whether you’re just learning, getting out for fun or fitness, or are an advanced skier, there is a trail for you at Lost Lake Nordic Trails.

Lost Lake Trails

  • Beginner – Lost Lake Loop (4 km), Snowshoe Trails (10 km), Nicklaus North Golf Course (4 km)
  • Intermediate – Lost Lake Trails (8 km)
  • Intermediate/Advanced – Chateau Golf Course (8 km)

Discover your next adventure with the Lost Lake Nordic Trails cross country ski and snowshoe map.

When will the trails open?

There are three intertwining elements that are required before Lost Lake Nordic Trails can open for the season:

  • Accumulation – Minimum of 50 centimetres of snow
  • Freeze Up – Consistently cold temperatures of -3 degree Celsius or below
  • Compaction – Consistent cold temperatures and additional snow for the base to bind and compact

Find out more regarding what it takes to get the trails ready before they are opened for the season. 


In order to preserve the state of the trails, dogs are prohibited in Lost Lake Park during winter nordic operations, but are permitted on the free multi-use trails during the winter months. RMOW’s dog regulations apply. 


To maintain the compact nature of the cross country ski trails, running is not permitted during the nordic ski season.

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing on the Valley Trail 

In winter approximately four kilometres of the Valley Trail from Rainbow Park to Meadow Park are groomed for cross country skiing, snowshoeing and dogs on a leash are also permitted. There is no trail fee and the trails are groomed approximately four times a week.

Additional sections of the Valley Trail that are groomed for multi-use including cross country skiing include:

  • From Fitzsimmons Trail to PassivHaus
  • Riverside Campground dyke at Mons Road along Green Lake at Nicklaus North to Alpine Way
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