Motorcycle parking

To help reduce Whistler’s GHG emission footprint, designated parking is now available to encourage environmentally-friendly modes of transportation, like motorcycles and scooters.

Discounted parking rates

Receive a 50 per cent discount on parking rates when you use Paybyphone to park your gas-powered motorcycle and scooter in designated motorcycle spaces.

Designated parking locations

  1. Day Lot 4 (Paybyphone location number 1688)
  2. Day Lot 3 East: 11 spaces (Paybyphone location number 1708)
  3. Conference Centre (temporarily closed)

Other private parking companies also provide motorcycle parking spaces.

Space sharing

Parking spaces may be shared with other motorcycles or scooters. Each bike must fit within the painted lines of the space. When you share a space, payment is required for every motorcycle and scooter. Find out how to pay for parking.

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