Electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicle charging station image by Mike Crane

There are 8 municipal electric vehicle (EV) charging locations that include a total of 42 municipal chargers in Whistler.

Electric vehicle charging locations

Whistler’s public electric vehicle charging stations are located at:

  • Municipal Hall (2)
  • Meadow Park Sports Centre (4)
  • Day Lot 1 (8)
  • Day Lot 2 (8)
  • Day Lot 4 (16)
  • Whistler Conference Centre underground (1 Level 2 Charger, 2 Tesla Level 2 Chargers and 1 DC Fast Charger)
  • Whistler Conference Centre surface parking lot (4)
  • 8014 Nesters Road (2)
  • Lot A – 9 (BC Hydro DCFC included)
  • Re-Build-It – 1 sun country
  • Public Works Yard (2) – temporarily closed

Find other charging stations

  • Plug in BC provides electric vehicle resources, including links to EV service networks to find available charging stations.
  • PlugShare


Parking payment is also required in all paid parking stalls, during pay parking hours.

Day Lot Chargers: $1 an hour with a ceiling cost of $5 a day. 

Other RMOW-operated Chargers: $1 an hour at Municipal Hall, Whistler Conference Centre, and the Public Works Yard.

Direct Current (DC) Fast Charging Station: At the DC Fast Charging Station in the municipal underground parking lot at the Whistler Conference Centre, but users will pay $0.35 per kWh with a minimum $2 charge.

All EV station charging fees have been carefully considered to support EV adoption while increasing turnover at charging stations and recovering municipal operating costs. View the Whistler Electric Vehicle Strategy.

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