Saving water

Saving water is everyone’s responsibility. Let’s work together to use less.

It can be easy to forget that treated water is a precious and limited resource even in Whistler where we receive a considerable amount of rain. Water demand is highest in the summer months when our risk for fire is high.

We need to work together to use water wisely and save it for drinking and fire protection.

Water Conservation Stages

Whistler uses an innovative system for managing water conservation. The water conservation stage is evaluated each week. Recommendations to change the stage depend on water supply, reservoir levels, fire danger rating and the weather forecast. This allows for more flexible irrigation timelines while also ensuring the reservoirs are always full in case of fire.

The Resort Municipality of Whistler is working to keep finding ways for our community to use less water.

Because building more infrastructure to increase our water supply would be very expensive, the RMOW is working with the community and businesses to find ways to better manage our supply.

Initiatives being rolled out are: 

Work is informed by the Comprehensive Water Conservation and Supply Plan, which will be updated soon.