Being prepared means knowing what to do in the event of an emergency. If there is a major emergency it’s important to stay informed and follow the instructions of emergency officials. 

How information is disseminated during an emergency is a key part of our municipal emergency preparedness strategy. The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) will make it a priority in emergencies to provide accurate and timely information to residents, businesses, and visitors.

Where to find information during an emergency

To receive the most up to date information during an emergency, bookmark, follow and tune-in to the following channels:

Whistler Alert

Whistler Alert is the official emergency notification system used by the Resort Municipality of Whistler to communicate with residents and visitors during emergencies. Sign up now to receive alerts via text message, phone and email:

Municipal website
Emergency alerts will only issued on the municipal website for immediate or occurring emergency events, with regular updates and situation reports posted as new information becomes available:

Social media
Information and instructions will be posted on municipal social media accounts including:

Information will be broadcast on local stations, including:

  • Mountain FM 102.1
  • Whistler FM 101.5

The local news outlets will share information on social media during an emergency:

In-person notification
If you live or work in the area where the emergency is occurring and first responders think you may be at risk, a first responder or municipal official may come to your door. It is important to follow the instructions they give you.

Emergency information may include:

  • Type of emergency event
  • What areas are impacted or at risk
  • Instructions for people to follow including Evacuation Alerts and Orders
  • Instructions to stay safe
  • Road closure information

If you are experiencing or come across an emergency, please call 911. Notification to the appropriate response organizations begins with 911.

Do you know your evacuation zone?

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