Winter downed power line

Severe weather like blizzards, hail, lightning, high winds or heavy rain can happen without warning and in any season.

Be prepared for all driving conditions, plan your route and keep up-to-date with weather information. Read more about winter driving.

Prepare your home for severe weather

  • Clear rain gutters and roof drains
  • Remove tree branches that could fall during strong winds
  • Clean your property of debris that could block drainage culverts
  • Weather-strip doors and windows
  • Inspect your chimney or flue – This helps prevent structural fires and ensures smoke, carbon monoxide and other potentially harmful gases are properly vented

Report fallen trees and flooding

Report fallen trees impacting roads and localized flooding to:

Roads Department

If you see a tree making contact with a power line or a downed power line, stay back 10 metres and call 911.

Home heating and fire safety

  • Remember to have all home heating appliances (i.e. furnaces, fireplaces and woodstoves) serviced annually by a qualified technician. If burning daily, chimneys may need cleaning a few times over the winter.
  • Keep blankets, curtains, furniture, pillows and other combustibles at least 10 cm from heaters, and one metre from fireplaces, woodstoves or space heaters.
  • If you are using space heaters, turn them off before going to sleep or when leaving the home for any period of time. Never use your oven or stove to heat your home.
  • Only use generators outdoors in well-ventilated areas. Generators should be placed a safe distance away from the home. Never use a generator in your garage or basement.
  • Ensure you have an emergency kit for your home with enough supplies for 72 hours.

Find out how to stay informed with Whistler Alert during an emergency.

Report icy conditions on the Village Stroll

Submit the exact location of the icy pedestrian pathway using an interactive map:

Report icy conditions

Concerns are responded to seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Your report will be acknowledged as soon as possible. 

Please note that only locations along the Village Stroll may be reported using the map at this time.