Tourist Accommodation Review and Home Run Program

Aerial view of the village including the Olympic Plaza

Recommendation #1: Tourist Accommodation Review

Established new business licence regulations to ensure residential properties are not used for tourist accommodations. 
New business licence regulations were introduced in July 2017, to ensure residential properties are not used for tourist accommodations. RMOW bylaw enforcement staff are actively investigating properties in contravention of the bylaw to ensure that residentially-zoned properties are being used for their intended residential purpose. Whistler has 8,800 units of purpose-built tourist accommodation of all types zoned for nightly rentals for resort visitors.

Recommendation #2: Home Run Program 

Established a new program, Home Run, to match residential property owners with local businesses.
The goal of the Home Run Program is to help local business owners find stable accommodation for their workforce while offering home owners a streamlined, low risk option to earn rental income from their underused properties. Business owners have actively supported the program, taking on responsibility for leases, rent and maintenance of the property.

Housing Task Force Recommendations

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