Road reconstruction

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Current status

View the paving schedule below for the latest status of work in specific areas.

Improving roads in Whistler

The Road, Valley Trail and Parking Lot paving project will improve the quality and longevity of municipal roads in Whistler.

Areas for work in 2020 include:

  • Main Street
  • Nesters Rd
  • Meadow Park Sports Centre Parking Lot

The following sections of the Valley Trail will be repaved in 2020:

  • Millar Creek Valley Trail – from Alta Lake Rd to Lynham Rd.

Residents can expect minimal disruption with alternating traffic. Signs will be posted at the milling and paving locations and traffic control will be managed by the contractor.

Paving schedule

Work will take place between July and end of October. Milling and paving will take place on weekdays only between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., excluding holidays.

Milling refers to the removal of old pavement. Milling and paving do not necessarily occur on the same day.

Location Milling Date Paving Date Status
Meadow Park Sports Centre Parking Lot Intermittent work August 4 – 16 Intermittent work  August 4 – 16 Completed August 7
Main Street September 28 October 2 Complete
Nesters Rd August 25  August 26 – 27 Complete
Lorimer Road and Blackcomb Way August 24 August 25 Complete

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the RMOW be installing sidewalks?
    No, there will be no sidewalks added during the repaving project.
  • Will the RMOW be painting road lines?
    In-lay painting will be done by our roads crew following the paving of each area.
  • Will there be dust during the repaving work?
    The contractor will have a construction management plan approved prior to starting work that will include dust management.
  • Can the RMOW please add speed humps/bumps to reduce vehicle speed?
    Please see page 8 of the Traffic Calming Policy here for the application of speed humps/bumps
  • Will there be any new traffic calming measures implemented?
    The RMOW receives numerous inquiries about traffic calming and follows a Traffic Calming Policy  A considerable amount of data is considered before moving into a consultation phase on whether or not the majority of owners in the impacted area support the change. 
  • I have a traffic calming suggestion/request, what do I do?
    Please email
  • Can sidewalks be added to regulate pedestrian traffic?
    The introduction of sidewalks into residential areas, where the primary storm water conveyance is via ditches and where off road snowfall accumulation is a necessity, is a topic that extends beyond a traffic calming issue.
  • Can car counters be installed to learn about the volume of traffic?
    Related information is available on page 18-19 of the Traffic Calming Policy.
  • Can proper signs and road markings, such as clearly painting the road approaching three way stops, be added to prepare drivers for upcoming stop signs and clearly mark three way stops?
    Road signs and markings are determined by the Ministry of Transport Road Manual of Standard Traffic Signs & Pavement Markings. Bylaw Services enforces road sign infractions. Please report any violations you observe to Bylaw Services. The RCMP will also be notified to allow additional enforcement at this location.
  • Can raised “green asphalt” pedestrian cross walks be installed?
    Relevant information is available on page 12 of the Traffic Calming Policy.


Engineering Department

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For paving works on highway 99, please refer to the Ministry of Transportation’s DriveBC website.

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