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Whistler Transit Future Action Plan, September 2022

The Whistler Transit Future Action Plan (TFAP) acts as the refresh document to the Sea to Sky Transit Future Plan adopted by Council in 2015. The TFAP upholds community goals and objectives contained in the RMOW Official Community Plan and works to strengthen the link between transportation and land use in support of sustainable growth. These plans also serves to inform any future local or regional transportation plans.

The role of the Transit Future Action Plan is to:

  • Build on the existing 2015 Sea to Sky Transit Future Plan (TFP) and add service and infrastructure priorities for the community
  • Review what has changed for the community 
  • Inform both the planning and operational activities
  • Drive a range of objectives and actions that will deliver a fit for purpose network across the community
  • Guide decision making to procure and deliver the desired network
  • Engage with the community

Transit Future Action Plan, September 2022

BC Transit and the Resort Municipality of Whistler would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide us with feedback in 2020 and 2021. View the feedback summary report. View the Whistler Transit System TFAP on-line engagement page

The draft Whistler Transit Future Action Plan was presented to Council for information on September 21, 2021 with the proposed three year transit expansion plan. 

The Whistler Transit Future Action Plan, September 2022 was presented to Council at the September 6, 2022 regular meeting of Council,  

Transit Service Expansion

The Provincial

The items in the Three Year Transit System Expansion Plan 2024/25-2026/27 are directly informed by the current Whistler Transit Future Action Plan. View a summary of the current Whistler Transit System Three Year Expansion Plan at the July 18, 2023 regular meeting of Council. And the summary of the draft Transit Future Action Plan at the September 21, 2021 regular meeting of Council and the adoption of the final TFAP  at the September 6, 2022 regular meeting of Council. 

Regional Transit Initiative

A regional transit service is being pursued for the region stretching from Mount Currie to Metro Vancouver by local and First Nations governments in the area. Regional transit will help connect the communities and improve mobility and affordability, as well as reduce environmental impacts and traffic. Local sea to sky Elected Officials met the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure at the 2021 UBCM convention in September 2021. To read a copy of the Sea to Sky Corridor Regional Transit Study Report prepared by BC Transit and the Sea to Sky Transit Future plan, see 

Transportation Planning

Transit is just one component of Whistler’s transportation network.  Whistler’s transportation system is integral to the livability and success of Whistler as a resort community. To make it easier for everyone – residents, employees and visitors – to get around Whistler, changes were needed to continually improve Whistler’s transportation system.  Learn more about Whistler’s transportation policies and research.