Evacuating Whistler

If an emergency is serious enough, you may be asked to leave your home or ordered to travel out of the community completely. Whistler’s evacuation plan has been professionally developed by emergency planning experts to ensure that every single person can be evacuated safely from the community if an evacuation order is issued. For the plan to be effective, it is essential everyone prepares now for an evacuation, and knows what to do if an evacuation order is issued.

Learn how to create your evacuation plan

The most important step you can take prior to an evacuation alert or order is to have a plan in place.

During an evacuation

Here’s what you need to know if an evacuation order is issued.

Comprehensive Evacuation Plan

Read through Whistler’s multimodal evacuation plan developed by emergency planning experts.

How to prevent wildfires

Find out what you can do to reduce the impact of wildfires on your property and the community.

Evacuation notifications

View up to date evacuation alerts and orders as well as notices when they are rescinded.

Sign up for emergency notifications

Sign up for Whistler’s emergency notification system to receive information via text, phone or email during an emergency.

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