Accessibility Features on

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) website is designed to improve usability and accessibility for site visitors. Developed using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, the site has incorporated a number of features that serve a variety of user needs.

Alt (Alternative) text

When users hover their mouse over section links, this opens the section heading text in a larger text box with a white background for easy reading and quick reference. Alt text has also been added to image files to explain the images loaded into the site and available for download.

Colour contrast

The design team has tested several text colour options for optimum readability, including titles, main page text and hyperlinked text. Section headings are designed with bright contrasting colours to easily orientate users to relevant sections within a page. The site was also designed to conform to minimum contrast requirements for users with visual impairments. 

Keyboard interface

Users can use search tools and forms without requiring specific timings for individual keystrokes. In addition to a keyword search tool on each page which loads relevant pages and supporting files, the site has been built with easy-to-navigate drop down links from the main top level menu as well as a quick pick “I want to…” linked list of top site content. There are also section quick links from a left side sidebar on each page. To navigate the site easily, main content sections are grouped together under key headings.


Planning Department

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