Fire Permits: Campfires, fireworks and barbecues

To reduce the possibility of human-caused fires, particularly during wildfire season, Fire Permits are required for campfires and commercial fireworks in Whistler. Find everything you need to know about when these activities are permitted and how to apply for a permit.


Bonfires or Open air fires are not permitted in public areas or Whistler’s parks at any time.

Propane campfires are only allowed in Whistler if they are CSA or UCL rated, and are being used safely and in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. 

Residential campfires in Whistler are allowed by permit only. Residential campfire permits are free and required for any residential campfires within the Resort Municipality of Whistler.  Residential campfires are not permitted in Whistler when the Fire Danger Rating is High or Extreme.

Check the Fire Danger Rating

Permit Use
All conditions of the Fire Permit must be adhered to. Failure to do so could result in a fine.

Permit Validity
Fire Permits expire on December 31 and must be renewed annually. 

Apply for a campfire permit by completing the WFRS Fillable Fire Permit Application and, if applicable, the WFRS Fillable Fire Permit Permission Letter. Please email the completed form(s) to

Barbecues in Parks

When the Fire Danger Rating is High or Extreme, only propane barbecues are allowed in Whistler parks providing they are being used safely and in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.

Briquette barbecues are not permitted in Whistler parks when the Fire Danger Rating is High or Extreme.

Provincial Campfire Bans

The Province of British Columbia also implements fire bans and restrictions. These apply to BC Parks, Crown lands, and private lands outside of the municipal boundaries.

Find BC Wildfire Service Fire Bans and Restrictions.


A permit is required to hold a commercial fireworks display in Whistler. Only professionally-launched fireworks are permitted for commercial events. Consumer fireworks are not permitted in Whistler when the Fire Danger Rating is High or Extreme. 

Check the Fire Danger Rating 

Apply for a commercial fireworks permit

Yard waste burning not permitted

Yard waste cannot be burned in Whistler. Non-commercial yard waste may be dropped off at Function Junction Depot, free of charge, from April to November. Find out more about free yard waste drop off.

You can also participate in our FireSmart Program.

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