Whistler Transportation Action Plan 2018–2028

The Whistler Transportation Action Plan 2018–2028 (the Plan) was developed by the Transportation Advisory Group. It is based on over two and a half years of transportation studies, monitoring, and community input from five community forums, various online surveys, as well as lessons learned from the implementation of the short-term and medium-term transportation actions in 2017 and 2018.

The Whistler Transportation Action Plan 2018–2028 also aligns with the transportation goals, objectives and policies in Whistler’s draft updated Official Community Plan (OCP).

The Plan outlines 105 recommended actions over the next 10 years that advance the community toward the vision of an efficient and affordable transportation system to moves people and products to, from and around Whistler, while delivering a high-quality experience and minimizing impacts on natural areas. 

The plan’s goals are:

  1. Provide a quality travel experience for all visitors, employees and residents, and promote a culture of safety and accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.
  2. Integrate the transportation system with land use planning to minimize the need for travel by motor vehicle.
  3. Minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions created by the transportation system.
  4. Support the increased use of transit and preferred modes for all travel purposes to reduce dependence on private automobiles.
  5. Ensure the transportation system cost-effectively meets and anticipates the resort community’s future needs and population growth.
  6. Ensure the resiliency of Whistler’s transportation system by providing viable alternative road, railway, water and air transport routes to, from and within the resort community.
  7. Ensure that the transportation system respects Whistler’s natural environment, minimizes climate impacts, and improves the liveability of the resort community.

Implementing the Whistler Transportation Action Plan 2018–2028

TAG will continue to meet biannually from 2019 to advance the recommended actions of the Whistler Transportation Action Plan 2018–2028, along with RMOW staff and other partners ensuring the annual package of actions complement each other. The annual Transportation Action Monitoring Reports from 2017 can be found here.

Information Session posters

A series of posters with details about the long-term transportation plan were created for the Whistler 2028 Transportation Action Plan Information Session on September 18, 2018. 

Community Engagement

A thorough process went into developing the Whistler 2028 Transportation Action Plan. Learn more