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The safety of road users is a priority in Whistler, particularly the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Municipal roads are maintained by the Resort Municipality of Whistler, while the Ministry of Transportation is responsible for the maintenance of Highway 99. 

Road maintenance

The Roads Department is responsible for road maintenance and snow clearing of approximately 70 kilometres of road surface. Report an issue on a municipal road 604 935 8300 or email the Roads Department.

Snow and Ice Control

A new snow and Ice policy has been adopted by Council for roads, pedestrian stroll, sidewalks and valley trail. The updated policy helps towards reducing the inconvenience and hazards of winter conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists and to facilitate the operation of transit and emergency service vehicles.

snow clearing on municipal roads is prioritized as per Council Policy A40  

Maintenance of private roads, such as those through strata complexes, is the responsibility of private strata councils.

Highway 99

Highway 99 is the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and snow clearing/maintenance in Whistler is completed by Mainroad Howe Sound Contracting. Mainroad is responsible for the highway maintenance north of Function Junction. 

Traffic lights along Highway 99 are fitted with smart technology to alleviate congestion. During busy periods, green light times may extend to help keep traffic moving.

Winter road conditions and increased traffic can result in slow moving traffic. 

Check current Highway 99 road conditions:

  • Visit DriveBC or phone 1-800-550-HWYS (4997) 

To report a problem on Highway 99 / Sea-to-Sky Highway, please contact:

Miller Capilano Highway Services Ltd
1 866 918-1010

Highway & Bridge Maintenance | Miller Capilano Highway Services (

Parking on municipal roads

Find regulations for parking on municipal roads in residential neighbourhoods.

Learn about winter parking regulations in Whistler’s neighbourhoods.

Report issues on municipal roads

To report road issues on roads (excluding Highway 99 and private strata roads) with potholes, broken signs, snow removal,  or street light outages contact:

Roads Department

Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) Council adopted Parking and Traffic Amendment Bylaw (Speed Limit Schedule) No. 2326, 2021 at their regular meeting held on September 7, 2021.

The newly adopted bylaw means the speed limit on municipal roads will be lowered from 50 kilometres per hour to 30 kilometres per hour as soon as new signage is installed.  Existing 50 kilometers per hour signage will removed.

Signage will be installed in two phases; phase one includes the installation of gateway signage (neighbourhood entries), and phase two will include sign installations at major intersections. The bylaw would not adjust the speed on Highway 99, as it is a Provincial highway.


At the April 20, 2021 Council meeting, Council directed staff to prepare a report, outlining the implementation process to reduce the speed limit for municipal neighbourhood roadways. This was a result of a Traffic Calming Update presented to the Committee of the Whole. on April 6, 2021.  On August 17, Council gave First, Second and Third readings to the Parking and Traffic Amendment Bylaw (Speed Limit Schedule) No. 2326, 2021. 

View a copy of the Parking and Traffic Amendment Bylaw No. 2326 for more information.  

Whistler organizations and businesses are encouraged to participate in the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Adopt a Highway program. The program  provides non-profit and for-profit organizations with opportunities to assist with litter removal and aesthetic improvements, while promoting local stewardship of public highways. 

Peak travel times throughout the year and snow conditions can result in heavy traffic volumes, increased travel times to, from and within Whistler, and in some cases even highway closures.

In B.C., vehicles are required to use winter tires on most major highways between October 1 and March 31 – see map. Commercial vehicles have different regulations for winter tires and chains. By law, passenger vehicles travelling along Highway 99 require winter tires with the three-peaked mountain and snowflake symbol or the M + S (mud and snow symbol) with at least 3.5 mm of tread. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure provides winter driving recommendations.

Check Drive BC for real time highway conditions and alerts, live BC Highway Cams and other driving information. Highway cams are installed to monitor traffic at Whistler Village Gate Boulevard. Drive BC is also available for mobile devices.

Check the Environment Canada website for weather reports.

Tune in to Mountain FM for regular road reports for Highway 99. Mountain FM travel updates are also available on their Facebook page.

The RMOW has a Traffic Calming Policy that guides the development and implementation of traffic calming measures to maintain and enhance safety for road users, residents, visitors and neighbourhoods in Whistler.

Traffic Calming Request Form 

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