Hydrant Use Permits

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) permits use of water from fire hydrants to protect all water system users, in accordance with the Fire Protection and Fireworks Bylaw 2046, 2014.


  1. Download the Hydrant Use Application Form
  2. Submit the application to the Public Works Yard, at 8001 Highway 99 near Nester’s Road, for approval.
  3. Take approved Hydrant Use Permit to Municipal Hall for payment.
  4. Return to the Public Works Yard and present proof of payment.
  5. Utilities staff will arrange to have the backflow preventer attached to the designated hydrant.
  6. Withdraw water from designated hydrant. Once finished, contact the Utilities Department for pickup.
  7. Once the device is inspected and found to be in good working order, a deposit refund will be provided.


The required deposit and fees cover the rental of the special backflow prevention device, which must be used when withdrawing water from any hydrant.

  • Deposit (refundable upon return of equipment) – $1,000
  • 24-hour permit – $100
  • 7-day permit – $400
  • Seasonal permit – $1,000


Utilities Department

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