Tribute Plaque Program

The Tribute Plaque Program is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one or significant event.

Participating in the program

  • Choose either a bench or bike rack (fixture) on which to place a plaque.
  • Review and identify an existing site along the Valley Trail, in a RMOW park, or in the Village.
  • Submit a completed Tribute Plaque Application form
  • Availability of the existing site will be reviewed by the RMOW.
  • The RMOW will have final approval of the wording on the plaque.
  • Once an existing site and wording has been approved, complete an Agreement Form and provide payment.
  • The RMOW will then purchase, deliver, install the plaque on the fixture, and maintain the site and corresponding fixture as per the terms of the Program Agreement Form.
  • The RMOW will notify the donor once the plaque has been installed.


  • Park Bench with Tribute plaque: $4,500.
  • Village Bench with Tribute plaque: $5,500.
  • Parks Bike Rack with Tribute plaque: $2,000.
  • Village Bike Rack with Tribute plaque: $2,900.
  • The RMOW reserves the right to amend costs.

Donors may add additional plaques at any time to a maximum of three plaques per bench or bike rack (additional fee applies). 

The RMOW will issue a tax receipt for the donation amount minus the cost of the plaque upon request within 30 days of full payment. 


Standard sized bench tribute plaques are cast bronze. Standard sized bike rack plaques are brass with black engraving.

  • Park and Valley Trail sites: tribute plaque sites are pre-existing locations and the RMOW confirm availability in consultation with the donor. Benches are made from low maintenance artificial wood product and bike racks are made from galvanized steel. 
  • Village sites: tribute plaque sites will be determined by the RMOW in consultation with the donor. Benches are the existing Village standard (cedar benches) and are positioned seasonally. Bike racks are stainless steel and remain year-round. 

The RMOW maintains ownership of the fixtures and sites, and in consultation with the donor, retains the right to move or relocate them.  


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